Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hellos...and Good-Byes


You may remember that I mentioned a mean neighbor's cat who I've tried to shoo out of the yard.  Anyone with a cat knows that cats cannot be shoo'd!  So, taking the advice from some smart comment's, I tried to make friends.  Aries, the boy in the second photo, growls and makes these really threatening noises when I approach.  But after a couple of kibble feedings, he's now letting me pet him and scritch him under the chin!  He continues to growl, while he's head-butting me!  Weird, but I accept his friendship offer.  And his sister Persephone is a little doll; she just keeps purring and comin' back for more luvin'.  She would not sit still for a good photo, but obviously Kindness works!  A big hello to Aries and Persephone!  Oh, and there is a mini-dachshund named Zeus living there too, but that little dog knows better than to wander into our wild-cat backyard sanctuary.  Great names, no?

And I'd like to welcome Emily at Stillness at Cherith.  They just lost their sweetie kitty Lucy, and quickly decided that Oscar and Winston needed a new sister.  Emily is a cute little kitty, and I am wishing the whole family purrs on the loss of Lucy, and hugs to Emily.

More 'Welcome!' signs to Magoo at my niece's house, and Izzy and Ivan at William of Mass Destruction, whom I have mentioned before.
Now some goodbyes:
Poppy was 20 plus years old when she left for the Rainbow Bridge in October 2013.  I just recently learned she was gone, as she lived Up North with her humans.  Poppy arrived as a kitten, with her momma and sisters, in Macomb Township, Michigan.  All were trapped, spayed, then fed and cared for.  When the humans moved, Poppy and a few remaining sisters went along.  Poppy was the last of her family, and although deaf and blind, she still enjoyed getting brushed and snuggled.  Farewell, Old Girl.

My aunt lost her kitty Putchka to a bladder tumor a few weeks ago.  I have no photo of her, but I know she was once a pariah cat at a home full of people and animals.  My aunt removed her from that awful experience, and gave her a home of her very own.  The two lived together for many years, so now it's quiet at the house.  However, the neighbor's cat is welcome to find his way inside from time to time, and he continues to visit for a nap on the couch, some petting from my aunt, and a nibble of food.  She is considering a new cat, but will give herself some time first.  Adieu, Putchka.

Amber has been ill for awhile, with a fast-growing tumor.  Her humans took her to the bestest veterinarian, and they started on a course to keep Amber as healthy and pain-free as possible.  She left for the Rainbow Bridge a week ago, less than two weeks after her sister Sugarbear.  Amber and Sugarbear's humans are sad, yet they have Tonya and Spit Spot to hug and purr with.  Tonya and Spit Spot were strays, but they hung around the backyard long enough to become tamed, then incorporated into the feline family, called The Cat Crew.  Amber and Sugarbear's brother cat Colby passed in 2012.  So long, sweet Amber.

Spit Spot
I love my cats, and heck, I love other people's cats too!  It is hard to live without them, but the tremendous joy and love we receive when they are with us is just too fantastic.  May we always remember the warmth, the purrs, and the beautiful moments of love.  Kindness...that's the key!  Open your kitty-loving arms and say, "Hello!"


  1. :-)

    What a nice, newsy post! We love it!

    That story about Poppy (with the beautiful tailio) reminded my mom of her second original cat, way way way before me. Cowbell was deaf toward the end too, and one day she jumped into the bathtub while Mom was in it because she didn't hear the shower running! Mom says they both got a surprise! Cow was 18-1/2 years old when she went to the bridge.

  2. We're sorry to hear about the kitties that have gone to the Bridge. Purrs to their families.

  3. We are glad to hear that Aries responded well to kindness. That is a sweet story!

  4. How nice you made friends with neighbor's kitties! It's funny Aries growls while head-butting you. Kitties are very complicated :-)
    I'm sorry to read about kitties gone to Rainbow Bridge. It's really hard when we lose our loved ones, but yes, the joy and love we receive from them is really wonderful.
    I enjoyed this lovely post very much. Gotta always remember kindness :-)

  5. It's one of life's ironies that such fine companions are only here with us for a little while--that's why (I think) we cherish them so much! Kudos to making new friends in the yard.

  6. ((((hugs)))) what a great and touching post!! We felt awful about sweet Lucy and we are so sorry about all of the other kitties, but we welcome the new arrivals!

  7. Emily looks lovely. Bet she's gonna be super happy in her new home.

    You have mean neighbour cats? I have a NOSY-neighbour-cat. Hiss peeps were away for two weeks and durin' that time, he was nosin' about my place every single day. MOUSES! And do you know the worst part of all? Peep #1 invited him over. That's right... INVITED. Sometimes I really wonder 'bout my peep.

    Nissy #Niss4Senate - tell the PM, today.


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