Saturday, August 30, 2014

Neighbor Cats

I found some friends while walking the neighborhood.  Okay, I know the one in the middle is a statue, but I liked it nonetheless.  The flirty tabby at the top was so lovey that he wouldn't hold still long enough for a really good face pic, but I simply love those mini-stripes!  Purrs galore too!  The ginger fellow on the porch was nervous, so I kept my distance to prevent him from running the front door was open and I did NOT want the human occupants to think I was being creepy, or a cat snatcher or something.

And as I type this, Chucky has discovered that I moved the area rug, and he's laid claim to it.  How do cats do that...find the exact center of things?  He looks pretty comfortable.

Have a terrific weekend, folks!  My friends are coming in for a holiday.  We so bad, we vacation in Detroit!  Hubby stays home, to guard the fort, feed all the kitties, and watch as many pre-season and college football games, baseball, tennis, and any other sporting things as he can stand without any 'interference' from me.  Hope he remembers to police the litter boxes now and again.  And Chucky is snoring...


  1. Nice to meet your neighbors, even the statue! And have fun on your holiday!

    That Chucky! Has he figured out he can hide under that rug, too? Might come in handy...

  2. Cute neighbor kitties. I love the statue. I didn't realize it was statue until I read your post!
    It looks like Chuck totally owns the rug! I wanna smooch that gorgeous tummy :-)
    Happy belated Gotcha Day to Chuck and Angel! I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  3. Cool cats in your neighbourhood :)
    We love Chucky on the rug! Cats are just smart :o
    Belly rubs before ya go,heehee
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. I am glad hubby stays home with the kitties even if they are forced to watch sports.

  5. What's so bad about vacationing in Detroit? ;) We vacation on our island! Thanks for introducing us to your neighborhood cats.

  6. hey we vacation in Detroit too!!! :)


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