21 August, 2014

Black on Black

Striped Chuck
I found an informative article about how black cats get their coloring on Catster.com, The Science Behind the Fur: What Makes Black Cats Black?  In it, I found that black cats are often black-on-black tabbies!  So I dug through my photo gallery, and found one pic of Chucky that looks like he's got tabby stripes - do you see them?  National Black Cat Appreciation Day was August 17, so I'm a bit late on that, but aren't black cats wonderful?  Chucky is like a sleek, long limousine, and I love looking at Sweetie's fur, with all of the white hairs all over.


  1. That was a fascinating article! Now, I wonder how my Rupert is a grey on grey tabby, genetically speaking.

  2. Raven has some very faint black on black markings. Her fur is also rusting as she ages. Thanks for sharing that article, it was interesting.

  3. Love the photo of Chucky showing his beautiful black on black fur! My boys have stripes, too, which have become less visible as they grow, but still I can see :-)

  4. I see those stripes, Chucky! We don't have those. Ell and I have white on our bellehs (and I am turning white in spots now, too); Ivan is completely black. There's no question how our mom feels about black cats!

  5. Very interesting article. Ernie doesn't seem to have any tabby stripes, but his fur does rust a little.

  6. I do, I *DO* see Chucky's tabby stripes and they're very handsome, too!


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