02 August, 2014

Get Shorty

Shorty was found running around a parking lot at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.  Paws For The Cause Feral Cat Rescue directors L & M chased the little guy down, and got him to the veterinarian stat!  Shorty only weighted 14 ounces, and was probably five weeks old.  Now, healthy and happy, he's looking for his furrever home.  I had the delighted pleasure of being his love interest this afternoon; having never met me before, he still stuck his nose to mine in the first couple of seconds!  He's a handsome boy, and lookee...he's got a heart shape on his nose!  Squee galore!  Wish I had better photos of him rolling around for tummy rubs and adorable paw play, but I was too busy rubbing his tummy and playing with his paws to grab my phone.  Plus, I love his name...Shorty.  I'll have to ask about that: was he named for the Elmore Leonard book, or was he so teeny, tiny when they first snagged him?

I made my link above to Paws For The Cause's Facebook link this time, since that's where all the good stuff is.  If you are interested in Shorty or want to look at any of their other adoptable kitties, follow that link!


  1. Sending our best purrs for Shorty to find a good home--he was already lucky once that good people helped him, so we hope he'll get lucky a second time very soon!

  2. Shorty is so cute! Love his heart shape on his nose :-) He sounds so sweet and friendly. I hope he finds forever home very soon!

  3. Shorty is a sweetie! Love the heart on his nose - makes me want to touch noses with him.

  4. What a cutie.
    We are happy he was rescued and purr he gets a fine home soon !
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. I thought I'd left a comment on this before, but I guess the new kids had me distracted! I hope this little cutie finds a home soon.

    Oh, and the little girl my mom originally had her eye on found a new home the very next day! :-)

  6. We hope that little cutie-pie finds a forever home soon.

  7. Hello Shorty,
    you have a very cute nose.
    Tiny ear scritches for you :)


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