06 March, 2015

Shoveling Error

This is how it looks sans snow, with Aries thrown in for scale
I made a tiny shoveling error with the last snowfall.  The walkway makes a bend, but I went straight.  Then, it sleeted, and now my rotten shoveling job is frozen solid, and won't melt away until Spring...which may be around September, the way things are going in Michigan.  We shovel all the way to the alley, so Patty and Sweetie, and any other critter in the 'hood like neighbor Aries, can travel around at leisure.
Cat highway!


  1. guys....tell yur mom ta get some "safe paw ice melt" itz green...like both in color & for de enviro, & it bee 100 % safe round petz N kidz....

    we iz total lee lovin de deesignz on yur cat high way !!! AWESUM !!

    N heerz two a flagfish N false cat shark kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  2. Oops! Haha, that happens :-) Still kitties got nice walkway in the snow!

  3. And do you require tolls on your kitteh highway?

  4. That is nice of you to make a kitty highway for all the kitties around.

  5. I heard it was 0 degrees yesterday. We hope you didn't freeze up like that snow! And of course, we cats don't mind what the walkway looks like!


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