23 March, 2015


Bella in her favorite napping spot

When I last wrote about Evie, here and here, her fate was uncertain.  My co-worker did not want to keep her, rather wishing to find another home for Evie after adopting out her two siblings.  Then the vet reported that she was blind.  Months later, and little Evie has been absorbed into the household of four-now-five cats and two dogs, and she will stay forever with my co-worker!  Called Baby Bella, she had to have her one eye removed at the same time she was spayed.  The other eye has little, if any, sight.  My friend says Bella is very friendly, and I am glad things have worked out.  I hope to visit some day soon, with my camera, to try to get some good photos of all of the menagerie!

Hurray for Baby Bella!


  1. Congratulations to Baby Bella! I'm so happy that now she has a forever home!
    She looks very pretty in here favorite napping spot :-) I wish her a long happy life with her forever family!

  2. May Bella be forever happy in her new home.

  3. YAY !!!! happee gotcha day two ewe bella...total lee rockin awesum....all de best oh fishes two ewe.... in yur new for everz ♥♥♥

  4. Oh Bella! We're so glad you have a home now.

  5. Your friend is an ANGEL!!!! YAY for sweet Bella!!! xoxo


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