Sunday, August 2, 2015

Natural Bleach: Sunshine

Today was 'wash the litter pans' day, and I took advantage of the hot sunshine by laying the scrubbed and cleaned pans in the driveway.  By the time I picked them up again, the sun had baked the black plastic, making them HOT to the touch, and naturally germ-free!

However, since I promised a long time ago to NEVER show photos of litter pans; I mean, really...

I'll just post a few images snapped of interesting cat and nature stuff...

Pile of kittens at
Paws For The Cause adoption event
They are adorable!

Angel, sniffing the camera

Chuck, apparently not appreciating
having his photo taken

Milk Weeds growing in our garden;
I want to attract any Monarch butterflies in the area!
I saw one, but it flittered away...

Patty, snoopervising the litter pan cleaning today

Huge storms are roaring across Michigan right now; I'm turning off the computer NOW!


  1. Awww..... we luff all those pics. Mom hates cleaning our pans, that's why she uses not one but two plastic liners for each. She says there is a really sturdy brand at Walmart, Jonny Cat, that works very well.

  2. I've never thought of laying litter pans in sunshine. I should do that! Everyone is looking good and the pile of kittens are just so adorable :-)
    I hope the storm passed without causing damage. Have a happy new week!

  3. weren't those storms just unreal!!? They were awful! Went on all night! Hope you are all safe and sound!

  4. We much prefer seeing kitties than litterboxes. :)

  5. With the five of us, the litter box in the sun wouldn't be an option. :-( Excellent idea, though. We had a bit of litter-related excitement ourselves on Saturday--for weeks Mom couldn't get our usual litter and finally bought Petsmart's private label equivalent, which was so unbelievably dusty we didn't even keep it 2 weeks. As a stop-gap measure, Mom used some on-hand emergency litter (Feline Pine) and Ivan would NOT use it. He pretty much exploded in an unexpected place, but he sure had that zen look while doing it. (Petsmart finally stocked our litter and we're back to our normal selves.)

    1. Egads! Cats are so particular about what they like in the litter box! Took us over 6 months to switch from evil, clumping clay to the grass/wheat stuff with no clumping additives, because we didn't want any accidents. Cannot tell if we've made a difference for Chuck's intestinal probs; the visit to the vet this weekend may tell us.

  6. Great photos of everyone. I am glad you didn't show litter boxes, I see way too many of those daily. My hubby and I saw a monarch today, we have some milkweed too.

  7. Angel's nose is adorable. Both Chuck and Patty look content to me.

  8. OMG, tat pile of kittens! I worry about black kitties. I hope they find good homes.


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