Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My friend Hobo

Almost one year ago, I met up again with my first backyard feral, Hobo (read post here).

I love Hobo, and have missed him since he decamped from our feeding station about the same time Patty O'Malley appeared.  Yesterday, I re-discovered him at the same address as last year, so these folks are obviously feeding the cat, at the minimum.  I could not tell if there was a shelter for him.

There was no one around, so I gave Hobo a bit of kibble that I'd stashed in my pocket.  I will try to communicate with the people at this house, just to understand how they are caring for Hobo.  If they need a shelter, I'll build one!  The hubby and I are getting pretty good at building them, and I've got plenty of silver-wrapped insulation (for duct work) to use.

Hobo was not overly friendly with me yesterday, but he always stayed at arms length.  Yet Hobo blinked at me, which I interpreted as 'Hello, nice to see you again'!  What a wonderful way to end my evening walk around the 'hood.

I am happy to find Hobo again!


  1. I would definitely take that blink as meaningful. Cats never forget kindness, ever. It's so nice that you two saw one another again!

  2. It's always good to see old furriends again.

  3. Wow, how wonderful you met your old friend! I agree that his blinking at you was to say hello. Kitties do remember the kindness and friendship they received.

  4. dood...~~~~~ waves....

    itz aye oh kay ta trust chuck's mom & dad...they iz good peepulz buddy... sew if ya knead a houz ta call yur own.....let em build ya one

    all rightie!!! ♥♥♥

    chuck...way awesum oh yur mom & dad ta help out hobo....headbonx ~~~


  5. I am glad you got to see Hobo, he is a handsome fella. I hope he has a shelter for the winter.

  6. Hobo is very handsome. We hope he's being taken care of.

  7. if you haven't seen him for a year and he is still around, I would think that someone is taking care of him and that's a GOOD thing!


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