Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Shark Hat

The Island Cats won a hand-made shark hat from 15 And Meowing, and guess what!  The Island Cats Mom loaned the hat to me!

Angel had no problem wearing the hat, and she rocked it, imho!  I could have left it on her all day.
Adorable Angel, as a fierce shark
You can see the fin better here
Chuck was just like Wally, one of The Island Cats.  I was lucky to get outta there with all of my fingers intact!  Note the hat is on backward...

Oops!  Best we could do with Chuck was get the hat on quickly,
with no regard to front or back
He gave me his back of disdain, so I quickly
removed the hat...but the blue looked fabulous on him!
Patty wouldn't even allow me enough time to shoot a good photo, and he got out of arms reach in a split second.
Patty O'Malley wasn't having any of it!
This is his 'don't-try-that-hat-stuff-on-me-again' look

I wasn't going to try with Sweetie, but she watched Patty's embarrassing moments.  Probably is why he fought so hard; maybe he would have played along if there were no bystanders...ya know, keepin' his street cred...


  1. Awww...they all look cute- even Patty :) I like the backward look too :)

  2. OMC! I can't believe Angel actually liked wearing that hat! And I'm MOL'ing at Chuck with the backwards look. Maybe I shoulda tried that! ~Wally

  3. At least Angel was a good sport about it...!

  4. Chuck, what a fashion trendsetter you are! Love the backwards fin! I'm also glad you didn't have to wear it very long.

  5. I have to tell you that Angel just TOTALLY made my day!!!!!! I am in love with that hat and HER in it!!!!


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