Thursday, August 20, 2015

Saved From The Skunks: A Reenactment

Last night, I sat in my usual wooden chair to enjoy the backyard.  I closed my eyes, and breathed deeply.  I could feel Patty O'Malley nearby, and he was acting strangely.  I peeked out, and Patty was standing between me...and the skunk that was hiding in the hostas in front of me!
Recreation of skunk looking out of hostas at me

Imagine me sitting in that chair!
I carefully got up and walked to the deck.  While I stood there, I noticed another skunk in the lily-of-the-valley leaves behind my chair!
Recreation of skunk hiding in the leaves
behind the tree
After deciding that it was high time I was inside, I looked down the other side of the yard, and there was a THIRD skunk in the plants there too!

Recreation of 3rd skunk beside the driveway
Once I'd thanked Patty profusely for saving me from an awful, smelly fate of coming face-to-face with a family of skunks, I waited until they were all on one side of the yard, and I beat it out of there on the other side.


The Villains

All skunks portrayed by weird inflatable Sea Monster,
purchased in Pittsburgh many years ago
He's kinda cute!
(My sister is gonna kill me because I forgot this beastie's name!)
The Hero
Patty O'Malley, played by himself
P.S. And what nice thing did I do for Patty?  I pinned him down and put a dose of die-flea-die on the back of his noggin!  He been scratching himself so hard, that he has sores around his neck and head.  Don't worry; I gave him lots of lubs and smooches in gratitude for saving me!


  1. Oh my, skunk! What a good kitty Patty is to save you from potential disaster :-) The sea monster is very cute!

  2. ~~~~ we iz crckin up at de ree in act mintz ~~~

    patty...DOOD !!!!! ewe total lee rock....we noe yur momz veree veree grate full N frank lee we think sum perch ona platter iz in order...just sayin.....

    we hope thoz skunkz bee gone & stay gone.....yez inn deed.... her saw: pee ewe & weeeeeeeeee ~~~~~~~~~~~~

    N manee thanx ta sea monsturr for de ree in act mintz !!!!! him portrayed de skunkz grate !!!! ♥♥♥

  3. Wow, we are very impressed. Clearly, Patty takes guard duties very seriously. We felines don't get the same credit as woofies, but we sure can do it as well.

  4. PS: the Sea Monster did a fantastic job as the Villains. We found it very believable.

  5. I LOVE this! Excellent recreation!! And kudos to the intrepid Patty!

  6. Patty O'Malley is adorable. And I love the skunk stand-in :) Glad you didn't get sprayed.

  7. Patty, good job at alerting your mom to the skunk danger! And hopefully the fleas will all be dead soon!

  8. I'm still chuckling as I write this. The reenactment was awesome. The skunk stand-in was too funny. But Patty was absolutely the HERO. It is not fun getting rid of skunk perfume It can take many baths in tomato juice and then you still have an aroma of skunk. I know from first hand encounters. I hope you deaded all the fleas for Patty since he watched out for you. Have a wonderful day!!!

  9. That reenactment made our Mom smile!
    That was a close call.
    We think Patty needs more luvings and maybe some treats, too.
    We shudder to think what MIGHT have happened had Patty not been there.
    the kitty brats


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