Friday, August 7, 2015

New Cat In The Hood

Ahem, don't mind the dirty window...

Looks like the neighbor's are having some plumbing work done, with the need to dig up the water and/or sewer lines in the front yard.  I was too embarrassed to stand in our front yard to snap photos of the machine at work, so I snapped while looking out the window.  But I am not too embarrassed to post it here!

The hubby advised me to get used to this; we will be getting the same work done soon.  Poor Angel and Chuck; they both hit their hidey holes when this 'CAT' monster started making noise; no doubt if it's happening in our yard, they will tuck themselves somewhere so we cannot find them!


  1. you know what's funny? I was stuck in traffic yesterday (no surprise there, as you know, living in Michigan it is nothing but orange barrels lol), and saw one of these and almost took a photo of it! lol

  2. We don't like noisy machines either. Angel and Chuck have our sympathies. :)

  3. Poor kitties- loud sounds are no fun.

  4. Hahaha, of course you don't have to be embarrassed to share the big CAT photo here with cat lovers :-) Though, sorry for the kitties that they have to deal with noise!

  5. Gee, that is a big "cat" !
    We would probably be afraid of it too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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