Monday, November 23, 2015

Eeks! Winter arrived...

On Saturday, the snow started to fall.  Guess we ended up with about six inches of the stuff, which was heavy and slushy.  Sunday, the temps never got above freezing, so anything not shoveled away simply froze in place.
On the street
My lone rose bush
Patty still wants lovin', even with chunks of ice falling from the sky!
The Sunday sun warmed the snow on the tree branches, which caused it to rain down as chunks of snowy ice! Patty didn't seem to mind, but Sweetie did not show up for breakfast today.  I'm thinking she decided to stay inside The Cat Hotel until the 'all clear' sounded!  The Hubby promised to watch for her today while I'm at work, and will give her some food (because Patty already ate everything...)

Follow up news: The Craggy Hole book was located, thank you very much...see my last post for details.  The library voicemail left on our home answering machine puzzled The Hubby enough that he made me listen to it the moment I came in on Friday evening.  Glad The Craggy Hole is safe and sound...and no overdue fees either!


  1. S werd happened heer two all day caturday......

    faaaaaaaaaaaaa...what de be jezuz happened ta fall..... ♥♥♥

  2. Brrrr....but so pretty! Stay warm, Sweetie!

  3. You got more snow that we did. We only got a couple of inches. Though the mom says that was a couple of inches too much as far as she's concerned. Let's hope it melts soon.

  4. I am glad the book was found :) I hope Sweetie shows up for.

  5. We had about 8 inches...hoping that kitty is ok!

  6. BRRR!! The cold is starting here too.

  7. Oh my!! My mom's driving west to the coast tomorrow and has been watching the weather. It's supposed to get icky here right at the time she's supposed to return.

    Glad the book reappeared--saw your response!

  8. Brrrr. It's finally getting cold here but our roses still have a few flowers on them!


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