Monday, November 30, 2015

Chuck's Check-up

It wasn't so bad, was it Chuck?
Saturday, The Hubby scooped up Chuck and deposited him in the PTU (Personnel Transport Unit) and off we went for a 3-month check-up with the echo-cardiogram veterinarian.  She said his blood pressure was 'good' and his heart sounds were the same as last visit.  Loaded with script refills, we were back home in no time.  Chuck sang the song of his people the entire trip there, but was more subdued and quiet on the way home.  Angel only hissed at Chuck for 24 hours after, before realizing that he, in fact, was her brother, and not some replicant cat that smelled of the nice vet's perfume. Note: The Hubby and I have tried many different ways to prevent the 'after vet visit aggression' but nothing has worked.  Leave a comment if you've had luck with wiping the cats down with towels or socks before the visit, then doing some sort of scent exchange afterward, or any other thing that works for you...please!

Cold as ice
Although November has been relatively mild here in Michigan, some night temps are below freezing. In the warmer weather, I use a water bowl for Patty and Sweetie; in the cold, I fill a 6-pack cooler with a gallon of water (the belief is that deeper water takes longer to freeze).  Here is a photo of the water bowl, and the ice cube that formed a couple of days ago.  Both cats have grown thick winter fur.


  1. We're glad you made it back safely from the Stabby Place. So far the only time we've had a problem with each other is when we stay all day and get knocked out, like for a dental. Leia forgave me after less than a day; it took me (Toby) almost 5 days to accept her again. Mom says that's cuz I'm a huge brat.

  2. dood....we iz buzzed happee yur a point mint wented sew well....we hope ya continmew ta haz good & grate ree sultz.....far az smellin like de place oh onlee add vize we haz iz ta roll in perch, fresh perch...knot frozen !!! ♥♥♥

    { de FSG said if angel canna haz her a point mint at de same time .... ....which we noe iz kinda hard with yur medical histree.......when ya come home; stay in yur own room a way frum yur sister til ya can groom de smellz off yur may bee half a day...mite wanna try may help ♥♥♥ }

    1. I was thinking I'd bring Angel along to Chuck's appointment, but two cats singing the song of their people...I'd have to drink a whole bottle of whiskey after that! I tried to keep them separated, but The Hubby didn't know that and he let Chuck out of the 'safe' room...oh well.

  3. We agree with da tabbies - stay in a different room for half a day seems to work (sometimes) for us when one has to go to that stinkin' v-e-t place. Thank you for taking good care of Patty and Sweetie!

  4. Oh, we wish we knew! Elliott went to the cat fix-it place over the weekend and he came back all perfume-y. We didn't hiss at him but *that* is making my mom fairly sneezy. (Oh, and poor Elliott--we'll report on this this week.)

  5. I am wondering if the "after the Vet aggression" pertains to just cat vs cat? Does anyone know?
    I hardly ever take Cody and Dakota (cat and dog) to the Vet at the same time and have no issues whatsoever. I am seriously thinking this is strictly a cat thing.

  6. We're glad Chuck had a good vet visit. BTW, we call the PTU a prisoner transport unit. MOL.

    Whenever Ernie goes to the vet, Wally has to go too because otherwise, Wally hisses and swats at Ernie when he comes home. Since Wally's bad behavior lasts for days, we decided it is much easier just to take Wally along. (And we've tried all the tricks of rubbing them down with blankets or towels, etc. so they would smell the same, and it didn't help.)

  7. I am glad Chuck had a good vet visit.I pray Patty and Sweetie keep warm.

  8. Great news about Chuck.
    Have you tried taking two cats to the vet - one just for company? Then one isn't singled out as having that vet-stress scent. I see the Island Cat also suggested that too. It might be a loud chorus of kitties singing the song of their people, but it might reduce the post-vet aggression.


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