Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sammy, Two Years Ago

Last years post: Sammy, One Year Ago

Hard to believe that two years have past since I said goodbye to Sammy. It's a gloriously beautiful day here in Michigan; temps are warm, with nice breezes.  Blue sky, and all the house windows are open to enjoy it all.  I wish Sammy were here; sleeping out in the yard, warming himself in the sunshine.

We used the drop trap to catch Sammy on April 28, 2010, to get him neutered and a rabies shot.  On October 30, 2010, I trapped him again, because he was not using his front leg due to a bite wound. Little did I know then, that one day I would be able to pet Sammy, and that we would be good friends.  When we noticed that his mouth didn't seem right, I tried trapping him AGAIN many times, but he would evade us each time.  Finally, I hit on the idea of replacing the feeding station with the drop trap, and I left it alone for weeks before I safely trapped old Sammy one last time.

Looking back, the veterinarian was maybe too quick to pull the 'euthanasia' trigger, but he was suffering with a mouth full of rotten teeth.  I could have maybe insisted upon dental work, no matter what the cost.  But we never got that far.  Once the vet ran the test that Sammy was FIV positive, she told me that the kindest thing was to let him go.  And I tell you, believe it or not, that Sammy too 'told' me that he was ready to leave his body.  I did not want to face it, but I nodded and let him slip away.  Sammy is the reason that I do not loan out my trap; it belongs only in my yard, with my cat friends.  I'll build new ones for folks, but I will keep Sammy's Trap close by. I remember how glad I was to have finally trapped him that day, and how later my heart twisted with sadness and regret.  Such a swing of emotions, and it was two years ago.  Wow.


  1. Thank you for sharing this season of your life with us. Only you can know if you did the right thing at the right time, but it sure sounds like you did, to us. A peaceful goodbye is the final gift we have to give.

  2. Lovely to see Sammy's photos. Can't believe it's been two years already. It is the hardest but kindest thing to let our loved ones go when time comes. I'm sure he was grateful for love, care and peace you gifted him. Hugs xo

  3. I am sorry that you didn't have much time with Sammy. Please don't feel regret, he got to be loved by you and you did the most compassionate thing you could do by relieving his suffering. XO

  4. That's sad, but you did the right thing. I had the same look from my dear Suzy. She told me she was ready and I had to do the right thing. She was with me for 13 years and it's been 18 years since I had to put her down but I shall never forget that sweet little girl.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. Sammy was mostly feral, but we found a way to be friends.

  5. I am a cat lover and at 59 years old, I have had many cats in my life and have had to say goodbye to several, so I know your pain. Very sorry for your loss. You have a lovely blog.

  6. sammy....we never getted ta noe ewe dood N for that we R sorree....we send hugs & loves two yur mom; we iz late with R commint; but we send em ♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Sammy was such a handsome kitty. He's fortunate to have had you looking after him and in the end, making sure he didn't suffer.


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