Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Why The Cat Litter Bag Ate My Wedding Ring

Married since 1993, I've continuously worn my wedding ring.

That is, until it became uncomfortable recently.  Because I'm not quite the same size I once was!

On my fat finger
I put the ring on, and take it off again.  I put it in my pocket, or leave it on my dresser. 

Next job on my agenda: add litter to boxes.  I tore off the sewn paper closure, and push it all into my pocket.  Why?  Because anything string-like attracts Chuck...and he will eat it.  String is not a good thing for a cat's innards, but Chuck loves to try...and try...and try.  Things like that must be hidden from his view, and quickly.

A new bag of litter

See the sewn paper end?

Reenactment: Empty litter bag, with detritus
After topping off the litter boxes, I dipped into my pocket to throw out the string and paper.  I sat down again, heartily pleased with myself for checking one chore off of my to-do list.

Later, I look for my ring, and I dig into my pocket to pull it out...and IT'S NOT THERE!

Whoa!  Freak!  Horrors!  Oh NO!  But...oh YES!  I'd thrown it out, into the empty litter bag, with the string and paper.  Careful to appear calm, I get up and stroll into the kitchen where that empty bag was placed.  

I lucked out that 1) nothing else was tossed into that bag, like yucky coffee grounds or (even yuckier) litter box peeballs and pooplogs , and 2) The Hubby did not notice my panic, and the planet began spinning in its normal orbit again.  Ring gets stuffed into my pocket again.

Essentially, that cat litter bag ate my wedding ring, and I'm sticking to that story!

P.S. I used the terms 'peeballs' and 'pooplogs' in honor of an old friend, Orbit the cat.  His blog was a favorite of mine until Orbit decided to leave us on December 11, 2014.  His people tried to keep blogging, but we haven't heard from them in a while, here.  I hope they know that we are still thinking about them, and Orbit.

Disclaimer: Although my photo shows a particular brand of cat litter, I have not received compensation to include it in my blog or in any way am I selling it!  After all, those bags will eat your wedding ring!


  1. Oh, we are so glad you reacquired your ring!

  2. OMC, Mom can imagine your panic! Thank goodness you were able to retrieve it before anything really awful happened to it!

  3. Oh, my! I'm glad you got your ring back from the litter bag! I can imagine the panic as I lost my wedding ring while back. I could finally calm down after making sure my boys didn't eat it :-)

  4. I am glad you found your ring. We got married on 1992 and our rings stopped fitting completely years ago so we bought larger cheap rings for now.

  5. I'm so glad you got your ring back, and it was very sweet of you to mention our dear old orbit. He could never be replaced, and we've yet to have in our company another like him. Thank you!


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