Friday, June 17, 2016

Mama Daddy vs. Daddy Mama

The Hubby and I kid each other about our roles in the cat household.  I clean and scoop the litter boxes, feed both sets of cats, monitor all things cat like beddies and toys, and keep up the supply of food, litter and meds. Also I am in charge of all things veterinary.  He pills them and trims nails, stuffs Angel or Chuck into their carriers when it's vet time, and is my back-up when I have to work late or am away.  We both clean up accidents, although I do a bit more since I'm in charge of the puppy-pee pads taped to the walls around the litter boxes.

Therefore, who is the 'mom' and who is the 'dad'?  No need to get involved in complicated gender-specific roles, so that is why The Hubby calls me "Mama Daddy", and he is "Daddy Mama".  Both of us have chores that may seem like they would belong to old-fashioned, 1950's-style stereotypes, and we easily swap these roles, as he cuddles and loves on them, or because I am simply missing for so many hours during the week.  Just to keep the cats healthy and well-adjusted behaviorally is the we really need to put gender labels on things?




Patty O'Malley
Wishing all Mama Daddies and Daddy Mamas a terrific weekend!

P. S. We lost Mousie recently, and her best friend is really sad.  Please visit Louche Tabby and give her your regards.


  1. Wishing you both, Mama Daddy and Daddy Mama, a wonderful weekend!

  2. We hope you have a great weekend too - whatever roles you play!

  3. Love how you wrote this! Also, can I hire your hubby? Lol!! My husband feeds the boys in the morning, he also feeds Dakota at night and does "potty" duty with him, I mostly do the litter box, I feed Cody at night....I take Cody to the Vet but he usually comes with us, my husband usually takes Dakota or I join him........but your hubby does more!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. You kitties are lucky to have a loving 2 parent home. We call ourselves good cop- bad cop and I am the bad cop because I bring them to the vet, administer meds and clean ears. I love the photos of everyone.

  5. We're just glad your kitties get so much loving from both of you!

  6. The kids get twice the love! How neat is that?

    P.S. Love the photos!

  7. I love your nicknames for each other!

  8. A great weekend to you Mama Daddy and Daddy Mama.

    Am more of a Daddy Mamarazzi person. I took care of the grooming.

  9. Whatever the labels are, you have a great system that works for everyone.

  10. Wow, I felt like reading about us... Roles of you and your husband are VERY similar to mine and my husband's!


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