Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dog Day?

This in one of three Newfoundlands at this house

I met several cute dogs while at the farmer's market yesterday.  No photos, because I was too busy petting and cooing!  There was a gorgeous black Great Dane, a King Charles Spaniel, and two Shih who was a puppy and I fell in love with it's little wagging tail.  Her human was happy to let me pet and play with her pup, as a way to help socialize her.  Glad to help!

Later on, during my evening neighborhood walk, I encountered two smallish Terrier dogs, an overweight but loving and beautifully brindled Bull Dog, and an old lady Springer Spaniel, who's human and I compared fur amounts on our clothes from our respective pets.  There was a Malamute, three Shar Peis, and one Newfoundland behind fenced yards that I did not get to pet.

The Hubby, every so casually, suggested that I may be a Doggy Mama, in Cat Mama's clothing.  WHAT?!?  I just like all animals (except most insects), so I just happened to have one Dog Day...doesn't mean nuthin'.

Look...see...lots of photos of CATS!
Sweetie, relaxing in the shade

Chucky, doing the dangle
Patty O'Malley, being silly
Angel, in MY chair


  1. Hmmmm...OCCASIONALLY it's ok for mom to talk to dogs. As long as it doesn't become a habit.

  2. Oh, I love farmer's markets...and I also enjoy meeting dogs on my nature walks. Your photos are lovely. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. I post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I hope your new week will be fantastic! :)

  3. Do the cats know you were cheating on them with DOGS????

  4. Great photos of all your kitties. I like dogs too-when someone else has to walk them :)

  5. It's like you had a dog show going on for you to see such a variety of dogs. Chucky has a very long paw! And Patty is very cute when he's being silly.

  6. What a fun day, meeting so many woofies :-) The dog in the photos look kind of like a boy I had long long time ago. Though, he had brown coat. I love all animals, except for insects, too :-)

  7. What a fun day for the dogs!

    I once read cat owners often like dogs even if they have no dogs. The reverse is less likely.

  8. And such gawjus kitties at dat. Who dould pawssible luv drool more than these guys. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. Hmmmm, do the cats know about this dog-seeing excursion? :-) I love dogs too. I like the opportunity to love on them when I can.


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