Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Okay, maybe I'll take a taste..."

Angel's bowl at the top, Chucky snacked at the bottom bowl

Angel ate a little...
The Hubby had ceased giving Angel her holistic vitamins about a week ago, because she put up too much of a fight in the pilling process.  We were figuring out how to get into each cat their respective vitamin load, when Angel stopped eating on Sunday.  So last night, he scooped her up and stuffed her pills in as he'd done prior.  What could it hurt?

And voila!  This morning, both Chuck AND Angel danced around the kitchen, as I opened cans and made up their bowls.  Angel ate some...not a lot...but more than before.  Cannot really credit the vitamins as being the key, but she showed that she has an appetite.  I am NOT reeling back my desire to get her to the veterinarian, until I see some stronger indication that she is back to 100%.  However, things seem less dire than they did yesterday.  Thanks to everyone for your support!


Chuck takes three meds for his heart, and two meds for his intestines.  His original veterinarian put him on the intestinal meds, especially budesonide.  It's a mild steroid to keep inflammation down. I took Chuck to this same doc when he had his first 'running-'round-the-house-pooping-and-peeing-and-barfing' incident, and she said he needed a heart specialist.  That was in July, 2015.  Fast forward to today, when I called her office to ask for a couple of budesonide capsules, since refilling that prescription got ignored until too late...100% my fault.  SHE WOULDN'T DO IT, saying that she hadn't seem him in over a year (July 14, 2015 to August 10, 2016?!), and that her office had faxed his health history to two other offices (heart doc and holistic vet, as supplemental to regular vet).  She said that if I made an appointment today, then she would be happy to make the prescription, once she had actually seen the cat.  The vet said that this is all STATE LICENSING REGULATIONS.

Oh really?  For two or three little capsules of cat steroid that she has already prescribed?  For a client of about ten years AND two cats worth of visits?  A year?  This stinks to high heaven, and The Hubby concurs. Thanks alot, so nice of you to help, but you've just lost us as our primary cat veterinarian. I understand following rules, but seriously, what rule would be broken, to refill a script that is already on record?  Hey, I take responsibility for creating this mess in the first place, but a little assistance from the vet's office that I've spent a lot of money at AND have referred several other patients...well, screw you.  And screw me, for having stuck with you all of these years.


  1. She could have been more helpful. We totally understand your frustration! And it's great that Angel is eating a bit more too.

  2. We hope both have nibbled a little more. Maybe *getting* the pills are the trick!

    Sorry about what happened with your vet. It's frustrating for sure!

  3. That is so wrong, clearly they just wanted to get you in the office for money. I think a few pills would have been fine, that is sad. I hope Angel starts eating more.

  4. We're glad Angel ate some...we hope she continues to eat. That was kinda lousy treatment from the vet, particularly since it's the vet you have seen for so many years on a regular basis. Some doctors get caught up in the "rules" and fail to do what makes sense.

  5. angel.....we hope bye de time ewe reed thiz yur eatin like 78 squarez a day...we iz glad ya eated sum start eatin MOR sum thinz....lot mor....oh kay !!! ♥♥♥ { N due knot get de food serviss gurl started on vets round heer....noe joke ~~~ }


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