Monday, August 15, 2016

Movie Review: Nine Lives

Official movie release info (image from internet)
Kevin Spacy, as Tom Brand (image from internet)

Christopher Walken, as Felix Perkins (image from internet)
Stepping up on my soapbox:

(Clears throat...ahem...)

I dislike any film or TV show that chooses to show the mishandling of animals in ANY form.  There are far too many people who take what they see and then DO IT IN REAL LIFE!  Feeding a cat alcohol, ignoring its health needs, throwing the cat into a plastic garbage bag, allowing said animal to fall multiple stories from a great height IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL. Don't care if it was an animatronic cat or CGI; abuse is abuse.  Plain and simple.

Thank you.  (Steps down)

How the heck did Barry Sonnenfeld direct such an awful, disjointed movie, with mega star power as Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken and Jennifer Garner?  None of the characters felt real; all stereotypes and over-used idioms.  The big bad buy, Tom Brand, hates cats but his sweet little daughter wants one, so he ends up at Christopher Walken's pet shop, and because he's such a nasty, awful businessman who treats his employees and family like dirt, gets removed from his body and is placed in a cat's body.  He's supposed to make everyone love him before he can get his human self back again.  The movie got a few laughs out of me in the first 30 minutes, but afterward there was little to recommend it.  Actually, looking for Lil Bub and Henri Le Chat Noir in the background, was the best part of the end!   But the cats in the pet shop were in bird cages!  What?!?

HOWEVER, I must mention that I was joined in my cat movie watching this past Saturday with two terrific and cat-loving ladies, and lunch was A RIOT! BG, MLP and I talked about so many things cat, dog and humane treatment, that the sub-par movie faded away.  We plan to see "A Streetcat Named Bob" together when it is released in November.


  1. We had a feeling this movie was not going to be good. And we really like Kevin Spacey.

  2. Hmm.... we think we'll give this one a pass. Thanks for the review.

  3. I wanted to see it, but now I don't. I do want to see Bob though.

  4. Good that our mom never goes to the movies. We don't think she's like that one!

  5. Thank you for your review. It seems many others didn't like this movie, either. Glad at least you had good time with your friends :-)

  6. I saw the written blurb for this movie and thought it sounded good. Wow, am I glad I read your review!! I do not want to see a cat being mistreated. How awful. :(

  7. How fun to see cat movies with cat ladies :)

    I feared this movie would be like that, and how sad to hear it is. I went to see the movie "The Brothers Grimm" in the movie theater a decade or so ago, and they had a pretty horrific cat scene in it. I nearly got up and left the theater. I'm sure whomever made the movie thought it was funny, and it was there to get a laugh, but it was so very not.


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