Thursday, August 4, 2016

We Won!

We won 2 bags of Garfield Cat Litter from Deziz World!  Very cool, and thanks!

Go here for more info on Garfield Cat Litter.  I chose Flushable Tiny Litter, as opposed to Flushable Grand Litter.  It's about the size of the granules.

Garfield Cat Litter
This is what two 5-lb bags look like in a 15-gallon box!
Next to one of our usual litter boxes (with pee pads protecting
the knotty pine wainscotting...)
Angel investigates!
I purchased a new SUPER HUGE oval litter box; it's a 15-gallon pan that is used by farmers!  I wanted a big size, because Chucky is a long cat.  The little bit of Garfield's Cat Litter looks so teeny, tiny in the big box, but Angel took to it right away. Garfield's litter doesn't have much in the way of odor control, and it tracks around just like regular litter.  It's also not cheap, IMHO, from what I've found online.  We really appreciate the opportunity to try something new, especially when it's all natural.  Thanks again, Dezi, Raena and mom!

The Hubby and I hoped that a new box and litter might entice Chuck to investigate, but so far he's got a prime case of litter box avoidance.  I will post more about our recent visits to the holistic vet, the cat chiropractor, and how The Hubby and I are working with Chuck to encourage his confidence. If anyone has had experience with this, please comment to this post. Thanks!


  1. Meow, sorry it wasn't a big hit in your house. We really luv it here. And, we saw on facebook they're havin' a special where all ya' pay is like 2-3 dollars shipping to get 3 bags. It's an auto delivery sign up, but you can cancel anytime, and mommy intends to do just dat. In da meantime, she got us 30 pound of litter fur less than 5 dollars. MOL As fur litterbox avoidance, me was really bad 'bout dat at one time. Mommy even bought da 'spensive litter additive, cat attract. All that was. was an overpriced bottle of cat nip. Mommy couldn't believe it. Hmmpht. Mommy eventually took me to da VET when me started showin' signs of purrhaps a pee purroblem and turned out me's pH was waaayyyyyyy off. Once we got dat cleared up, me has used da pawdee box purrfectly ever since. Good luck and we'll keep ya'll in our purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  2. we hope Chuck comes around. the size of that new pan looks great. we finally switched over to large storage containers with one end cut down when mom discovered that Tim liked to pee standing up

  3. Concatulations on the prize. Winning stuff is very cool. We hope Chuck gets better with the litter box. That's very frustrating for cat parents.

  4. That is one big litter box! We hope Chuck learns to use it better.

  5. Crappity crap crap crap. We clicked sign out instead of publish and poof went our very long comment. We guess the concats part was the most important anyway!

  6. Concats on winning! I hope the new box helps Chuck.

  7. At least you got to try it for free. I hope Chuck likes his new box, it looks great.

  8. Congrats on winning the kitty litter! I like the lovely milk color :-)
    Your new litter box looks fantastic. I hope Chuck will find it great, too.

  9. How nice to win the cat litter! Congratulations!

  10. How nice to win the cat litter! Congratulations!

  11. My kitty would love to win that prize! BTW my kitty is an eastside cat and I am an eastside dog.
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  12. I was reading your most recent comment about Chuck's poop issues. I had some issues with Skootch over the years, and he is on prozac. it seems to help with the #1 marking issues. I did consult a behaviorist, and she said changing brands of cat litter can cause issues. She recommended Fresh Step unscented, because it has charcoal. Also, don't know how many litter boxes you have, but she recommended having as many litter boxes as cats, plus 1 extra.I had been switching litter brands from time to time, because I wanted something more biodegradable - but now I've stopped experimenting! Also, I haven't read some previous posts, but if Aries is now living with you, that can be part of the problem too. So, I thought I had everything solved until last week - I had cleaned out the cat boxes and was ready to turn in, when what should I find in the middle of the bed but TWO FRESH POOPS - one from Skootch and one from someone else!!!! so who knows WHAT goes on in those cat brains of theirs.


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