Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vet Visit for Angelova

Angel has a trip to the vet's office tonight; she is not urinating properly.  Lots of trips, not enough output.  We all know what that means...urinary tract infection!  Or bladder stones, or...

Will keep you posted.

Since The Hubby and I watched the Olympics and prior to that, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, there are a lot of women competing who have 'ova' on the ends of their names.  So, we've added it to Angel's name too.  Angelova.  Cute, huh?  I also call her Angel-eeny, which I rhyme with bikini.  She's my babydoll; I love to sing-song to her!


  1. Oh no, sweet Angel...I hope whatever she has will clear up quickly.
    "Angelova" sounds very cute :-)

  2. Purrs for Miss Angelova and healthy peeing.

    Speaking of which, one purple beddie (washed thoroughly and marinated in valerian) could be yours if you so wish........... email me! punapippuri (at) pikkupunapippuri dotty com. Then you too can see how horrible it is, hehehehe.

  3. Wait.. how do I not follow you.. let me fix that right now!!

    I'm sorry to hear of Angel's urinary issues. Having been through it with Eli and then again with Jack, I feel for you. I hope everything comes out okay :)

    you asked what a butterfly infusion set is. it is a small tube with a needle on the end of it and where the needle is a 'butterfly' shaped piece of plastic that helps you hold on to the needle piece. Before when I would use syringes to give kittens fluids the needle is static on the syringe, so you have to hold the kitten, hold the syringe and push the syringe, which can be very very hard... especially since syringe needles are nearly tank sized when compared to wee baby kittens. the needle on the infusion kit is little more than a sewing needle. if you come back to the blog and look at the photo with the cans of food, the kits are there, just coiled up.

  4. Ouch. Poor baby! We hope that clears up very soon.

  5. We sure hope Angel is better soon...and peeing like a champ before you know it. :)

  6. We hope Angel is doing okay and that she gets to feeling better soon! Please keep us posted.

  7. Aw, we hope Angelova (we love that!) just has something very minor. We'll be hoping and purring!

  8. Sending lots of purrs to Angel!
    Hope all will be well.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. Oh no! She is beautiful! Urinary tract infection is not pretty and is quite expensive to remedy. I do hope that she will be well soon.

  10. St Francis' blessings two ewe angel....we all noe how nastee... yur a narreez R....much az we hate ta say it...stay a way frum fish fora while....hope yur feelin 1000 purrcent in noe time !! ♥♥♥


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