Monday, March 27, 2017

A Tail of Woe

Chuck's visit to the veterinarian on Saturday, March 18 didn't go as well as we'd hoped.  Although his blood pressure and the stuff that she measured in his actual blood was okay, the vet said that his radiograph still shows a shadow on his lung.  Could still be fluid, so she gave us Spironolactone in addition to the Lasix.  Or, it could be something else.  We go back on Saturday, April 8 to see what we can see.

Since I was away last week, The Hubby was in charge and he scooped the litter boxes and doled out food to all cats.  However, the spot where they drew blood from Chuck on his tail turned red and raw.

You really don't want a good look at it, trust us
Blurry, but you can see the little nekkid spot on his tail

"Don't bother me!"
The last time they shaved his tail, we called him "Chucky Two-Butts"!
The Hubby was glad when I was home again, because he had decided that we could do a bit of veterinary doctoring ourselves, with some triple-antibiotic cream and a good wrap-job so Chuck couldn't lick.  The Hubby was going to do the first-aid, while I held the cat.

There are no photos of the ensuing chaos; just suffice it to say that Chuck had a very poor opinion of our bedside manners, and in the end The Hubby held the cat while I wrapped the tail after a bit more shaving.  The results weren't half-bad.
Tail Wrapped
Chucky was more upset with the doctoring, than the bandage

"I am ignoring you!!!"
I received the Back Of Disdain for only a moment

"Okay, I'm over it...time for a nap!"
Chuck didn't seem to care much about it, after the dust had settled
I also dug out the Elizabethan collar that we've had in the cabinet since Angel was spayed back in 2004.  The Hubby and Chuck talked while I was out of the room, and came to an agreement about the bandage, meaning "don't lick or you'll get The Cone Of Shame".  Tonight, we'll take the wrap off and see if our efforts were helpful.  Chuck did not lick at it before I went to bed.

I will note that Chuck has put on some weight, so perhaps the Spironolactone is helping.  Or he likes The Hubby's feeding methods.  All of our collective fingers and toes are crossed, that it's only fluid that is now gone, and he will be as right as rain for a long, long while, just like his long tailio...tail of woe!

P.S. You want to see another long tailio, go visit Elliott at William of Mass Destruction!

P.S.S. I promise to visit all of your blogs and comment, just as soon as I catch my breath!  Had a lovely vacation, which included lots of cat things, family things, and self-pampering things!  I'll post on all this week.


  1. Welcome home! We're very glad you enjoyed your time​ away. Our paws are crossed for good Chucky news.

  2. yikes....hope the meds (and the bandage) help

  3. Well, furst, we're glad you enjoyed your vacay, and are back home. Poor Chucky. They took his blood from his tail? Dat's so odd? He looks mighty handsum. We're sendin' hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  4. Aw, poor Chuck. We've never heard of taking blood from the tail area. We hope he doesn't lick it because wearing that cone of shame is no fun at all.

  5. Sending purrs and prayers for sweet Chuck, poor baby xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Dang, poor Chuck for sure. We are all sending purrs and prayers his way. Sounds like you and the hubby did good with the bandage challenge.

  7. Oh Chuck! The horror of it all. Having your folks doctor your tail! WE purr it heals well.
    We also purr your "spot" will go away and your lungs will be clear!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  8. So sorry to hear that Chuck;'s visit did not go as well as hoped! Frodo has even offered to lend him his St Patty's day blankie if it would make him feel better!!

  9. Yikes, we've never heard of vampires attacking a cat tail! (That made even our mom cringe.) Poor, poor Chuck! (I would have bitten that bandage off in a heartbeat. ~Ivan) Good for the weight gain, and with any luck the new news will be better.

  10. Poor Chuck, that sounds like quite the ordeal. I hope the shadow goes away in his lungs.

  11. Oh Chuck. That tailio! Get rid of those nasty lung things, please too. No bandage, no shadow - NOW!

  12. Oh, I sure hope it is fluid! Sadly, I know this feeing because Tucker had spots on his lungs that turned out to be cancer. I hope this is NOT the case for him. And I had to giggle at the tail wrap.

  13. Oh poor Chuck and his tail of woe. It's amazing you did the vet work for his tail. I hope it will heal quickly. Good news about weight, though :-)
    Glad you enjoyed your vacation! Looking forward to reading about it!

  14. Oh no, we're sending a huge amount of healing purrs to Chuck and hope he gets better soon!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  15. Hope Chuck continues to improve. So glad you had a great vacation. Looking forward to seeing and hearing all about it!

  16. Poor Chuck, we send him healing purrs ! Purrs

  17. Oh gosh, poor Chuck. But good job on the bandage!


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