10 March, 2017

Chuck's Diary Entry: March 10, 2017

Dear Diary,

At 10:30 a.m. today, is the beginning of Day 3 without electricity at Eastside Cats.  To recap, the backyard neighbor's tree fell across the alley, to land on the power lines.  This caused every house on the block (both sides) to lose electricity, and there was some sparking and weird flashing lights that scared me and Angel to bits.  The Human called The Hubby went into the area-that-cats-do-not-go and threw the switch to make sure nothing burned out while the wind whipped that fallen tree back and forth.  Actually, as long as I get my meals and snuggles, I don't really need this thing called electricity.
Tree laying on the power lines

The tree has broken the fence!

Tree and lines are rubbing on our barn
The Human called The Mom made all kinds of calls on her cell phone, because the landline is down as well as the cable (no internet, no television).  She sounded very polite, but The Human called The Hubby had curse words to say about the fact that no one was coming out to help.

The Mom put extra blankets on the bed, and The Hubby is keeping pots of water steaming on the gas stove, to make sure we have warmth.  I don't know what Angel is doing, but I'm gonna nap under The Mom's sweater for a couple of days, until this whole rigamarole is over.

Have a good weekend, everybody!
"Don't bother me!"
Chucky naps under the sweater

Angel is a purring machine!
Angel on her couch

These layers work!
Down comforter, fleecy blanket, quilt, and flannel sheets

Goodness!  What a terrible situation.
Recent map of power outages

"Please, misters!  Help us out here..."
See the two guys back there?  Seeing them
made us excited, but they left when it got dark out
Thankfully, no one was injured
This happened down the street from us; that garage
on the right hand side of the photo is crushed!

The Mom here:
http://www.mlive.com/news/index.ssf/2017/03/more_than_615000_customers_wit.html has updated information on the havoc wrought by the March 8 windstorm in Michigan.  Poor Sweetie and Patty O'Malley's cardboard boxes were blown half-way to Canada, so I'll set out new ones for them this weekend.  In addition, their electric warming pad in The Cat Hotel won't be on for this snap of deep cold; I've told them to either snuggle up together OR COME IN THE HOUSE.  Workers and firemen showed up in the alley yesterday; one guy apparently turned OFF the juice, and another set of men looked at the tree and tied more warning tape across.  Then they left, and The Hubby and I felt a bit abandoned.  However, a large section of our town got it's power back right after that, so we know we are at least on the list.  I carted a box full of ground cooked turkey meat for The 'O' Cats to the office, so it's stored in the freezer.  We lose power about twice a year at Eastside Cats, but this is the first time in the cold weather.  The Hubby and I have learned to converse (!) with each other and tell jokes, to keep our spirits up.  Angel apparently loves to sit with us, even when she could hide under covers like Chuck.  She purrs and purrs, and that is good for our dispositions too! There are folks who have it worse than we do, so as long as the barn survives mostly intact, we'll consider ourselves lucky.


  1. tied a ribbon and left - that is OH so helpful. argh... we hope the electricity comes back on SOON

  2. Oh that sounds grim. We are sending shouts to the O Cats that they should pad their little furry paws up to the great indoors. Keep warm and snuggle with the humans- they need it!

  3. Oh goodness, we hope you get your power back soon! I hope Sweetie and Patty O'Malley are keeping warm. Horrible time of year to be without power. We were eight days with no power after Hurricane Juan in Nova Scotia but it was in September. The worst thing was having no water as we were on a well.
    Take care!

  4. Oh no, this stinks and I hope they fix things soon! I am glad you are safe.

  5. Oh my stars we are so glad you are ok but this is not a time to be w/o power cause I hear it is gonna get cold again. We also heard about all the very very strong winds up in the mid west.
    Warm hugs and kitty kisses Madi and Mom

  6. We hope it comes on soon. One thing mom learned recently... The power company had different crews for different parts. One removes trees, one hooks stuff up.

  7. And what is that tape supposed to do? Geesh, we feel terrible for you and your family and helpless living WAY <---- WAY over here. Stay warm and keep those spirits up! We hope you get a credit on your electric bill! We'd demand one!

  8. OMC!!!!!! How Pawful!!!! We're sendin' purrayers. Mommy goes nuts when da power be off fur more than a couple of seconds. She would be climbin' da walls. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. Ugh! You shoulda come to our house. We have power, heat and innernets. (Sorry...we don't mean to rub it in.) We hope you get yours back real soon. We know this storm really did a number on a lot of people.

  10. I am sorry you are still without power and it is so cold. I wish Patty and Sweetie would go inside.

  11. man that is terrible! Hope you get the heat back fast-- come on over to Canada we got lots of room here in Guelph and you can stay with us!!

  12. This had got to be awful for everybody. We say break out the board games, and use kibble as markers!

    Hope this gets resolved very soon.

  13. Brrrr. We're sorry to read so many - including you - are without power. It sounds as if you have electric heat. We sure do hope your electric is back on today! Hang in there.

  14. Oh gosh I'm so sorry you still don't have power back. It looks it's gonna get colder this weekend. I do hope Patty and Sweetie will come inside. And I hope you will get power back as soon as possible!

  15. That's terrible ! We hope you get your power back very soon ! Purrs

  16. Wow--that's an outrage (and outage!) You poor kitties and Peeps--three days is like, FUREVER. We sure hope that you have some power back by now. We are glad to hear your stove is gas so you can at least make warm stuff to eat--well, if it didn't go bad in your fridge or freezer :-( Sending you warm vibes! XOXOXO

  17. lDang, that is horrible and we are so sorry you are dealing with this. Warm thought and purrs from all of us.

  18. Oh no! Sounds like a lot of excitement over there. But not in a good way.

  19. Amazing how destructive Mother Nature can be. I hope everyone stays warm. I am a new visitor :)


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