Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cat Cell Phone Cover

Let's face it: this case SCREAMS that I am a cat person!
This design appeals to my love of cats
AND my enjoyment of modern art...
plus, it's not too crazy for the office environment

First off, my brother and his cats had power restoration last night. Thanks for the warm wishes for both us and him after The Big Blow of March 2017!  My thoughts and prayers for those of you getting hammered on the East Coast; snow and wind.  Brrr!  Stay safe, friends!

During all of that hubbub, my brand new iPhone 7 arrived, and I ordered this nifty cat-themed case too.  Isn't it darling?  Let me tell ya, there are a bazillion and one cell phone cases to be had out there. Picking one is rather difficult, with so many choices.  The price ranges were crazy too.  I chose this one because it has artsy cats, and it folds into a stand to make watching videos easier.

Lots of cases had photo-realistic images of cats, but if I couldn't get Angel or Chuck, why would I haul around a picture of someone else's cat?  Know what I mean?

I am still considering a selfie-stick; will take my time looking for that. Perhaps I can score one at a thrift store?

Purchasing info is here, and my office purchased this for me.  I guess that sorta counts as compensation, but I need the case for my corporate phone to prevent breakage from a drop.  I am not getting anything for posting about this case, other than eye-rolls from The Hubby, and no doubt twitters and giggles from anyone reading this!

Get better, Frimousse!
Taken from Frimousse Blog
P.S. A dear cat blogging friend is not feeling well, so please visit Frimousse Blog and give some warmth and healthy wishes.


  1. Hehehe- I am not getting anything for the post except eyerolls..... We love the case.

    And we are really worried about Frimousse too...

  2. That is one pawsome case! We luff it. And we know just how you feel - why should our Mom carry around pics of some OTHER CAT???

  3. That's a really sweet case!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. That's very cute! You could likely find a selfie stick at a thrift store. They have tons of stuff like that in our area.

  5. that is a very cute cell phone case...don't MOL but my mom still uses a flip phone.
    Yay for the bro and kitties having power.
    We'll head over to visit Frimousse
    hugs madi and mom

  6. it is cute! When I get my new phone soon I'll have to keep an eye out for the cute ones

  7. What a cute phone case ! We're purring for our furriend Frimousse too. Purrs

  8. Cute fone case, 'specially since your work paid fur it. Does dat technically make it their purropurrty ifin you were to quit? Yes, mommy and cuz of her us, think 'bout things like this. MOL Glad ya'll are powered up once again. Stay safe. big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  9. Cute case! The mom agrees...there are so many phone covers to choose from. She had a hard time picking one for her phone.

  10. I am very worried about poor Frimousse , I think he has a broken heart. That is a nice phone case.

  11. super cute phone case! As for the selfie stick, don't waste your money. I gave mine away...never used it, and they aren't as popular anymore...also, they aren't allowed at certain places. If you use it at home that's good...but.......I found it to be a nuisance.

  12. So nice that the power was restored. I love the phone case, how cute! :)

  13. Very cool! Plus, electricity for all--woohoo!

  14. I'm going to be paying off my iPhone 6+ forever..... I wonder if this case is available for it. I didn't even think about a cat case when I purchased mine. I got a rose gold one to match the phone. Now I feel like I have a boring phone! LOL.

  15. we are very sorry to hear about your friend frimousse and will stop by with a kind word ~~ ♥♥♥ hope everee one iz doin grate ~~~ !

  16. So glad your brother and his kitties got power back! Your cell phone case is so cute! Yes, there are sooo many choices for one phone :-)

  17. Very cute phone case. Glad to read that your brother has his power back.
    Have a good weekend!

  18. It must b a relief for your brother to have the power back on!
    Yeah for the new phone and case. I love the case :)

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    iPhone 8 covers which I purchases Online.


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