Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Saving Birds

My boss has a robin that keeps pecking at the window in his office! We think the bird is seeing it's reflection, and so tries to run off 'the intruder', not understanding that he's after himself!  At an old job, we had a pair of cardinals that pestered the office window every morning in Spring, even though the employees tried to tape paper up to discourage them.

So, I purchased some WindowAlert Decals, to persuade Mr. Robin that he's got no beef with that window.  I have NOT received compensation for this product; I'm merely reporting on an item that I found online, and purchased for my work.  

This is the packaging

Two of the four butterfly decals

How the decals look on the outside

Decals from the inside
The decals were created to prevent window strikes, which is when a bird flies into glass due to the reflection. I figure it should do the same thing for Mr. Robin; to make him aware!

I will report on any changes in Mr. Robin's behavior.  I have two more decals to use, and I found a perverse enjoyment at rummaging around the outside of the office building, where no one else ventures except the grounds crew.  Obviously, a bit of Mother Nature is all I need to make my day!

P.S. My apologies,  Trout TownTabbies! We know that you dislike birds, of any kind.  Please forgive us this time of being nice to birdies. (And I'll answer your email soon!)


  1. Hi Vicki, the decals look lovely, hope they do the trick!
    Take care.

  2. When I was working at the RenCen, they asked us to make sure to keep window blinds down in the spring and fall to prevent bird strikes. ~Island Cat Mom

  3. Such a relevant post! I belong to a Nature org in my hometown and we just had a speaker come and talk about preventing bird strikes on windows --if your decals don't work you might want to check out other options --http://flap.org/residential_new.php--good ot know us cat people can be pro bird too!

  4. Those are cool. I used to have a black hawk decal in the window, but it got old and yucky so I may get some of these.

  5. These are really cool! I need to look into them.

  6. Hopefully that works. We're on the verge of deterring our pesky Scrub Jays from the yard. I like birds, but the male is driving us nuts squawking at 6am every morning right outside our bedroom window.

  7. So they are sort of reflective, like aluminum foil?

  8. noe commint frum de bleecherz ~~~~~~ even tho we iz KNOT atta ball game ~~~~~


  9. Great post. I love birds. Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. kThat is the smart thing to do to help them out!

  11. They look amazing. Hope they work :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  12. Oh dear talk about a rat a ta ta on your window.
    That must be getting kinda aggravating. I hope the decals work. Wonder if he thinks he is seeing a female or a intruder male?
    Hugs madi and mom

  13. That's nice to do something to help the birdies ! Purrs

  14. Hope those decals work! They pretty, too!


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