Thursday, May 25, 2017


Patty and Sweetie, waiting for noms on the front porch

Bummer, so much for Progress!  Since I had just boasted about Patty and Sweetie venturing up The Stairway To Heaven, they have reverted to waiting for meals by hanging out on the front porch.  Does not do me any good to step out on the balcony in the backyard, when they are in the front yard!  What the hey?

And yesterday, I so proudly brought home a new bed scratcher, just like the one we'd received months ago from Cat Chat With Caren And Cody.  I set up the double-wide...and nothing.  Angel jumped up, looked around, and then jumped down again, and went off to lay in the front window.


I was crushed; what another Bummer!  I slunk off to take a hot bath, while gripped about how I should have just left things alone.  The Hubby shook his head, and told me I had no faith!  Soon, he was off to sleepyland, while I sat watching TV shows that I had recorded (DVR'd).  You know, stuff like "My Cat From Hell" on Animal Planet, and "Antiques Roadshow" on PBS.  It was pouring rain outside, which suited my mood.

Then...Angel jumped up, and made herself at home in her new double-wide scratcher!

Angel, getting the feel of it

"This will do, Mama!"

"Look at all of the room!"

I couldn't help but snap some photos, even though it was late.  She purred up a storm, and I petted and sweet-talked her until my eyelids drooped, and went off to my own human-sized beddy. YAY!


Fear not; you think I'm going to give up on The 'O' Cats and The Stairway To Heaven?  Oh, no way! During the warm months, I'll keep coaxing and working on it.  Even if I have to convince The Hubby that we need to build human-sized stairs (like someone's old, not-needed spiral staircase that we can have for free...hint hint) so I can play Follow-The-Leader, with the cats trailing behind me.


  1. Don't give up! You know how finicky us cats can be...we never want to do what the humans want us to do...we like it to be our idea :)

  2. I so know the feeling when you have a "set back" like that. I've gotten to pet our feral Blackie three times, and then he doesn't return for a week or more. . .it's frustrating but we keep trying!

  3. Cats seem to deliberately mess with our heads sometimes. Just have to keep going.

  4. Cats have their own pace, and it rarely has anything to do with ours.

  5. So glad Angel had a change of heart and is now enjoying the double wide!
    Silly Patty and Sweetie! Hopefully you can soon convince them to come in upstairs.
    Take care.

  6. Angel was just being a cat. She wanted to do it in her own sweet time. Same with the "O" cats - they probably climb that stairway when you're not looking! Keep the faith.

  7. Good to see Angel enjoying her double wide :)

  8. Well done, and don't give up ! The cats will do it at the time you think they will never do it ;) Purrs

  9. Oh my gosh, you're the only other kitty I've seen with a double-wide scratcher. My mom has been making these for me for years and I love it. My scratchers don't have that side wall so I can flip it over and have a platform with a tunnel underneath.

  10. I love the picture of Angel looking over the side of the double-wide (ugh ... the rhymed unintentionally). Bear Cat doesn't like giving me the satisfaction of using (or loving) the things I'm most excited to give him. {sigh}. I'm glad Angel moved in to the double-wide :)

  11. Yippee for patience! We're so happy to see her lounging there.

  12. iI am becoming a fan of the double wide idea! Thanks for the drop trap tip too!!!

  13. Don't give up! I'm sure persistence will pay off!

  14. I'm glad Angel eventually enjoyed the new double scratcher bed! She sure looks very comfy :-)

  15. Better get that follow the leader on video! :-)

  16. I'm glad someone appreciates the double scratcher.
    Are you trying to lure the ferals into the house or just get close enough to trap them? Good luck with them.

    1. I've already trapped and TNR'd both of them, and they have insulated houses to live in on the porch, but I'd like to see if I can get them inside overnight.

  17. Awww Angel... "this will do, Mama!" ♥


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