Saturday, April 27, 2019

To My Surprise...Thrice!

The Spring weather here in Michigan has been changeable, to say the least.  In spite of that, I was able to visit Tenhave Woods Nature Trail on my lunch hour.  Some photos:
Wakerobin, a trillium


Please forgive me if the plants are misidentified; I looked them up on a couple of wildflower websites, and my friend CE id'd the wakerobin.

To my surprise, after enjoying the woods and the flowers and the chippies and the sunshine, to meet up with this adorable kitten!
Kismet, and dad
Kismet's dad is habituating the eight-week old rescue kitten to walk on a lease, and they were practicing near the woods!  Is this kitten seriously adorable or what?!?

That night, I walked the neighborhood, and my half-way-round boyfriend Sly showed up.  He was being so adorable, that I sat on the driveway...legs outstretched...and snapped photos of his floofiness.
Maybe Sly knocked me over with his cute, and I didn't realize it?

While so engaged, a car pulls up, and the man asks if I am okay.  He thought that maybe I had tripped and fallen!  LOL!  Guess they didn't catch the camera/phone in my hand, and Sly rolling on the ground in front of me.  The kindness of a stranger; that's a surprise!

After that, I kept walking.

Surprised for the third time,  a tabby kitty in the bushes ran over to me, and let me pet her!  I've not seen her before, and she was wearing a collar that read, "Annie Smith" and a phone #.  

 What a great day, to my surprise!



  1. Oh these flowers are amazing! I feel thee whole trail had to be nice :) I love Spring a lot - all these greening plants, animals babies and the fresh air!

    Sly is so adorable!
    I think it's very positive that someone stopped to check out if it's everything ok with you. I think everyone should behave like this!
    In my country people usually do the same, but I know some cases when someone ignored injured person.

    A new cat in your neighborhood? She seems to be very sociable :)

  2. Pretty flowers and wonderful kitties really was a terrific day!

  3. Cats obviously recognize you as an awesome cat hero! Sly is breathtakingly handsome. I am swooning down here in Texas!

  4. You are well known to all the cats round there. They let the newcomers be aware of you too. I wouldn't tell POM about Sly though...

    The lil kitten is adorable.

  5. Golly gee so much fun going on it should be your bday. I have never seen a trillum, bloodroot or trout lily!! thank you for sharing the posies and the kitties
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Beautiful trillium--I didn't know they come in that color. What a gem to stop and ask if you're okay :)

  7. Friendly kitties and pretty flowers, what a great day ! Purrs

  8. What a lovely walk! Kismet, Sly and Annie are darlings and the flowers are spectacular!

  9. Wow! Nice to see those flowers. We hope they survive tonight's weather.

  10. What a great walk ! Our trilliums are up and blooming, despite it not being all that warm yet !

  11. Too funny (and gentlemanly) of the man to ask if you were ok! And Kismet is a little doll!

  12. Kismet, Sly and Annie are so cute. Beautiful wildflowers too.

  13. I love the flowers and that is what *I* am always after. The more unusual. Kismet, Sly (what a hunk) and were blessed. And you were also because the stranger asked about you.

  14. A purrfect outing with nature and cats!!!!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  15. Is a 3 cat walk like a three dog night?
    Both make me sing!Tee Hee!

  16. That looks like a wonderful day. Flowers and felines.

  17. Gorgeous blooms! We are still getting snow here today (yuck!) so no flowers for awhile yet. Very pretty kitties bean is swooning a bit over Kismet.

  18. You were attracting kitty friends all over the place!! Great photos on your nature walk, too! - Tom x

  19. We applaud your flower identifying skills--here our mom would just identify them by color! MOL!! What a lucky day you had.

  20. The flowers are beautiful and kitties are adorable! It's really a nice surprise to receive kindness from stranger. What a great day indeed :-)

  21. That's so funny that they thought you fell down. Glad that you didn't!


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