Saturday, April 13, 2019

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

By popular request...

The One...
The Only...

The P'OM!


Flirty PO'M puzzle on

And thank you all for the birthday wishes for The Hubby!
I took him to lunch, and we purchased new bed pillows from Ikea!
I know, I know...such excitement!



  1. PO'M we've had 2" of rain since last night at 5 pm and it will continue to rain thru Monday. Your puzzle might make for good entertainment this afternoon after I finish my ark.
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. Look at that face! Those gorgeous eyes!

  3. He is a handsome boy! I did the puzzle. It took me 17 minutes but it was strange. When I clicked to move the piece I wanted, it went off on it's own and not even to where I wanted it! It only did that on some pieces, not all of them so I don't know if the site had a glitch or it didn't like my PC!

  4. We always enjoy seeing that handsome dude!

  5. Paddy! Paddy! Paddy! Love those paw prints too!

  6. Oh how HANDSOME!!!! Ma said she will come back and do your puzzle, she likes them!
    Those are some adorable purry prints!
    Ruby ♥

  7. A very handsome mancat. Did you need to assemble your IKEA pillows yourself? ;)

  8. Handsome P'OM! You are a doll sweetie!

  9. Thank you for the puzzle of handsome POM. The puzzle took me 23 min. 43 sec. :)

  10. Gotta love Paddy. I always thought he and Mousie had similiar Tabby markings, especially around the upper chest, decolletage area.

  11. Handsome man cat! Mom bean especially loves his green eyes. :)

  12. P’OM is such a handsome kitty! And his paw prints are adorable :-)

  13. What an excellent picture of him. His orange really stands out in this photo.


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