23 September, 2014

A Case of Insanity...For a Case, or Two...

So, the nearby pet supplies store had Chucky and Angel's food on sale...$.40 off a can! That's a GREAT SALE!  And now that I've switched Sweetie and Patty to the same brand of food, in the hopes that it helps Patty's scratchy skin problem, I need more cases of that food too.  The photo above does not show ALL of the cases of food that I purchased; there are at least five more inside at this point.  Yes, I went a bit crazy, and when that credit card bill hits the mailbox, I'm gonna be sick!  But I saved a ton of $$, and there is now enough canned cat food in our house to feed a whole army of cats.  40 cents a can...c'mon now!  Crazy like a fox...right?

Chucky doesn't seem to mind one bit...either that I'm crazy, or that he's got plenty of food for the long haul.  That's my boy!

Patty Update: Hard to tell if the new food is making a difference with Patty, since it's only been ten days.  However, he seems to be scratching less around his neck and head.  I last dosed him with die-flea-die stuff on September 9, so I must wait for 30 days (early October) before I try again, either with the same stuff or something else.  I have a plan C too, if I am able to remain patient.

Chuck Update: Neither Chuck nor Angel like the wheat litter; they ignore it.  This morning, I poured their favorite box half with wheat, and half with clumping clay.  When I got home this afternoon, only the 1/2 with clay was used!  Ha!  Takes skill to step around teeny, tiny grains of wheat litter, but my cats did it!  They are quite talented, wouldn't you say?  And no, I didn't snap a photo...you'll just have to take my word for it.


  1. Great deal on the cat food. Might as well stock up when it's on sale.

  2. guys...yur food serviss mom iz veree smart...load de van with cat canned goods N go bak for thurdz & 10ths we say....ya can never haz enuff canned goodz in de houz....♥

    N her mite may bee kinda sorta wanna re think de wheat....we haz hurd on mor N one o cassion it attracts bugs ???

  3. Aw, sorry about the wheat litter rejection. Maybe something else would work in order to get de-clayed. (Then again, how would humans like it if we changed their toilet?!)

    Anyway, if we run out of food, we'll know where to head!

  4. That is a fantastic sale! Good idea to stock up. http://15andmeowing.com

  5. Wow, some cats are gonna be eating good!

  6. Oh heavenly, all those lovely, beautiful cans of nommy goodness!
    It's great to find a sale and stock up!

  7. That's a great deal on kitty food!! When there was sale on kitty litter, I got more than usual but wish I got even more while they had this deal. You are smart to go a bit crazy :-)
    Oh I had to stop myself from taking photos of litter box several times in the past. I thought I shouldn't even though some masterpiece is left in there.


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