Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tissue Paper Queen

Pretty in pink
Angel loves tissue paper!  I have a stash of it, and I bring some out for play once in awhile.  Today, I put a sheet on the floor, and Angel quickly walked over and lay on it! She then licked the edges, making spit balls for me to vacuum up later.  I pulled out another sheet and draped it over her.
What's with the tissue tent, Ma?
Sometimes I can get her to play, by poking a wand toy under the tissue paper.  Angel tries to catch the 'thing' for a moment or two.  Still haven't figured out a game we can play that gets her running around; she usually just lays there and bats at things.  She needs more cardio!  The feathers-on-a-string toy seems to scare her, although she likes the feathers, and the noise it makes as it flies through the air.  You know that I will keep working at it!


  1. Try dragging the wand toy instead of swinging it through the air. That mimics prey and Angel might like to chase it :)

  2. What a fun idea and inexpensive too. Please visit us at 15andmeowing- we are having a contest.

  3. We love tissue paper too. We'll run and jump on it and try to dive bomb under it. Does Angel do that?

  4. We've never tried licking the paper...yet.

  5. Angel is looking very pretty in the tissue tent :-) Niko doesn't do lots of running play, either. I try to encourage him with various toys but he doesn't play as much as Goro does. They sometimes chase each other, so that gives good exercise :-)

  6. We love tissue paper here but we call it crinkle paper. I make a pile of 8-10 sheets and Raven loves to play in it. I wiggle her wand toys under it and that usually entices her to play. Anything disappearing under the paper gets her attention. And a little play is better than no play at all, so take that as a success. She also likes to sleep on her little crinkle paper pile. Unlike Angel, I've never seen her licking it!

  7. angel....we due knot blame ewe one bit for knot wantin ta play with burd skin....aka featherz......

    frank lee we wood give up eatin trout fora yeer bee for we played with burd featherz.....ugh....

    tell yur mom ta try a neko flies....


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