11 September, 2014

Hidden Neighborhood Cats

See the kitty by the downspout?
There's a black kitty in this window, I swear it!

Looking out the window, see the kitty?
I keep my eyes open for cats when making my daily neighborhood rounds, called exercise.  It's amazing how many cats I see!  These three were not easy to get photos of; the one at the top, I think, is a stray/feral, by the way he slunk away when he knew I was looking at him.  I will keep my eyes peeled for him from now on.  The middle one is two doors away from me; a black cat sitting in a dark window.  Perfect camouflage!
The kitty at the bottom just blends in with all the other stuff.


  1. *We* can see the black cat, natch!

    There's a cat next door that we see in the window, but not very often. Our neighborhood is pretty dull, really.

  2. a grate day two ewe naybor kittehz oh chucky N angel N heerz two an anchovee & sar deenz kinda week oh end two everee one ♥

  3. You are very good at spotting kitties :-)
    There is a house in the subdivision where I live and I sometimes see a kitty looking outside from the window. Every time I drive by, I have to check if the kitty is there :-) Happy Friday!

  4. Our mom always checks for cats whenever she's out walking ANYWHERE.

  5. remember Scholastic Magazine? This reminds me of those photo hunt photos they used to have where the objects were built in to the photos lol

  6. There sure are a lot of cats in your neighborhood!


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