Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scabby Tabby

Rolly Poly Patty

Editor's Note: Sorry, after I posted this last night, I realized that this subject is kinda gross!  Please feel free to ignore...

Patty O'Malley is scratching.  And scratching...and scratching.  He's got some allergy or skin irritation, so he has little sores all over his body.  When I pet him, I feel them around his ears, his neck, and along his spine.  I have dosed him with Frontline, but there has been no change in his scratching.  Ran the flea comb over him, and I don't find any critters.  Don't think he has ear mites, but it's kind of hard to tell.  We are trying a few home remedies, such as poking holes in Vitamin E capsules, to mix the oil in the food.  I have also completely switched foods, in the hopes that a better brand will solve the problem.  A vet visit is at the bottom of my list.  It's not the $$$; it's the trapping, and the "don't test for FIV" fight, and in the end they will say he should be inside or here's a pill to give him twice a day for two weeks, or something equally impossible to do for an outdoor cat.  I have discovered that not many veterinarians have practical experience with ferals.  I hate to see my boy unhappy!  But really, look at him...he isn't unhappy.  He's just itchy.  And a bit plump, if I do say so myself.

P.S. The new wheat litter has been used!  Well, after they ignored it since Sunday, and I poured a measure of the usual litter in.  But it's progress, and we will just have to keep mixing the two for awhile.  I add fish oil to their food too, which helps reduce arthritis pain.  Knock wood that the fish oil for Chuck and Vitamin E oil for Patty help get my boys back to 100%!  The girls just eat, and look adorable...no trouble at all!

Angel in the window


  1. Aw, poor Patty. It's no fun to be itchy, to be sure.

    Thanks for the well wishes regarding the remnants of that hurricane. It's raining already in the southern half of the state, but the storm itself is still on the way. Should be interesting!

  2. If this is a new skin condition, it could be a seasonal allergy. You could ask the vet about giving him a little antihistamine in his food.

  3. dood...ewe look good act shoo a lee...N tell yur mom purrson ta chek out Drs Foster & Smith; de "pet education" section...they iz vetz, ther advise iz free...

    ore her can just log onto peteducation.com....

    they mite bee able ta offer sum tips,helps, etc.

  4. That sure sounds like a flea allergy- I just had the same problem. Frontline was useless and I had to switch to Advantage. I looked with a flea comb too, but you could miss some spots that they are hiding. I am not a now it all, but we just had a huge nightmare of fleas on our 15 indoor cats. http://15andmeowing.com

  5. Poor Patty. We hope you can figure out why he's scratching so much and can help him.


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