07 May, 2020

London Trip, May 2018

Exactly two years ago, I was in London, England!

Trafalgar Square
Nave of St. Paul's Cathedral
Reconstructed Globe Theatre
Ancient Egyptian cat statue at The British Museum
"Woman With A Cat" by Eduoard Manet at The National Gallery
London Bridge
 If you didn't already know, I majored in History at college, particularly British history.
I minored in Art History.

Forget it, I'm NOT telling you in what year I graduated!

*shaking finger*

Obviously, a trip to the UK was HUGE on my 'to-do' list.

Two years later, I continue to be beyond thankful for the opportunity to travel to the UK.

I thank The Hubby for being only positive about the money spent and the time away from home.

I thank my family members with whom I traveled, for their extra care as my broken finger bones were still wrapped up, and that they didn't laugh too hard at my weird pants; I could pull them on one-handed, but they weren't exactly fashionable...🙀


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  1. A trip of a lifetime it sounds. Good for you. I would have loved visited all the places you did.

    Pull on pants are a good thing.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. Scritches to the kitties. ♥

  2. That had to be such a fabulous time!!! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. I remember that Bast statue, I even tried to find a copy of it online, I found one similar, but not as good and the first thing the kitties did was knock it over and break it - I guess they don't like imitations - MOL!

  4. I am so very happy you marked that off your Bucket List in 2018. Feb 14, 2020 was our 50th anniversary. We had very high hopes of going across the pond again but alas that is not happening.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to London.

  6. Those are the trips that work out , that are full of sights you've longed to see! Great memories . Thanks for sharing

  7. Those are some cool pix, and that must've been an awesome trip. Mom and dad would love to go there some day, but Ireland will be their first stop. I keep telling dad that retirement's sneaking up on him closer and closer, and that just irritates him. Anyway, enjoy the weekend!

  8. My major was Business. I started with Computer Science, had Business electives and just fell in love with all the areas of study including Business Law. The worst was not knowing ahead of time about the MATH I would have to take and do in either major. Detest the stuff, and I had lost my edge as I didn't start university till I was 30. But..I got thru well and here we both are.

  9. Seeing these pictures made me feel nostalgic. I've visited London in 1999! I would love to visit again someday.

  10. I majored in History, as well, and there isn’t much about British history that I don’t like. Those are some excellent pictures of London…

  11. Broken fingers? Ouch. Nice photos, and now I want to see a photo of those pants. ;) Be well!

  12. Beautiful photos. I did not know that you majored in History and minored in Art History, very interesting.


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