Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Unique Talents

It's Sweetnesday!

Our Sweetie is mostly deaf, and her internal volume control doesn't appear to work anymore.

However, she knows how to nap.

Under the chair.
Her face smashed into her beddy.
A box with a blanket next to my desk is her newest napping locale.

I tried to record her unique meow; it's like a grunt, but it's more than that.

Love to hear this.


  1. OH, how sweet she is, too. Mama's best friend has a kitty named Sweetie, too. But this one is so adorable. She probably "hears"in another way, knowing kitties....

    1. She can be a love bug, when she isn't yelling...

  2. That is a precious sound. The deep purring and then that darling little chirp....

  3. So nice to see Sweetie enjoying the good life indoors. It is obvious that she is happy :)
    Love the little murp at the end. Her way of saying 'what' ? MOL!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Sweetie looks so much like our Jesse. She's beautiful!

  5. Such a sweetheart. There is nothing like a good snooze.

  6. You and your video are so adorable Sweetie!

  7. Such a sweetie. My Joanie and Drake are deaf now too. XO

  8. Cats all have such distinctive voices! Sweetie's is totally wonderful! Purrs, Marv

  9. We thought we'd commented already but, you know, Mom. Anyway, we like Sweetie's voice. Oh, and our old sis Caroline was as deaf as a post in her last years and SCREAMED WAY LOUDER than she normally did.

  10. Sometimes they snooze in an old spot they haven't used for months - and then you worry because you can't find them!

  11. At nineteen, Jezebel seems to be mostly or totally deaf. But that's the best case scenario for an indoor kitty. Don't you agree? Our vets are thrilled that her eyes, et al, seem so good. Blessings, my dears.


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