17 July, 2022

Meet CASHnip Kitty!

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Meet Sir Whines a Lot, a rescue cat is now dubbed "CASHnip Kitty" due to his unique talent. 

Sir Whines is the office cat at GuRuStu, a marketing firm in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

He enjoys people-watching through the front window on 3rd Street in the East Village.

The business owners adopted him from the Tulsa Animal Welfare Shelter in 2015. 

Everything was normal until they began finding cash near the front door. 

It was strange, and no one could figure out why the money was there, that is until they tested a theory. 

They discovered the cat would snatch a dollar if it came through the door slot. 

Apparently late night partiers played with him, and lost their cash through the slot. 

So they decided to use his talent for a good cause, and now donate the money to charity.

You go, Sir Whines A Lot; you make the cat-loving community very proud!


  1. What a pawsome cat!!!!! So cool too, to donate the money to a shelter :)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Ha! Good for him: make the humans pay for seeing you play. And all for a good cause.

  3. Brilliant! I wish we had an office cat at work... One day we had a pheasant trying to get in! :D

    1. I'd love to have an office cat too, and in a way, I do because I work from home 90% of the time! But my cats sleep all day, the lazy things, while I sweat over a hot keyboard, then they are active at night...*sheesh*

  4. Oh my goodness, he is totally adorable, love that video!

  5. He is a clever kitty and well done on donating the money to charity.

  6. This is too awesome! I'm sharing it in this week's roundup post. Awesome job, Cashnip Kitty!
    -Fur Everywhere

  7. My husband discovered this story and we love it!


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