10 July, 2022

World Kitten Day

July 10 is World Kitten Day!

National Kitten Day, also known as World Kitten Day, is the official worldwide holiday, celebrated July 10th annually - to celebrate the magic of kittens and encourage adoption worldwide. 

Founded in 2012 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige.

In honor of the day, we dug out some kitten pics of Celestial Angel.
The first two photos were after Angel had her spay surgery.

She was beautiful, and her black-and-white-and-pink coloring was lovely.

Her fur was so soft; we called it 'bunny fur'.

Below are a few silly kitten memes that I've collected from social media.

Our blogging friend Binky earned her Angel wings, and we have the sads.
Please visit Me and My Granny and leave comforting words.


  1. So nice to see Angel when she was young.Purrs as you remember her.
    Mum and I likes the cat funnies you shared too! MOL!!
    We were sad to hear about Binky too.
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Lovely photos of kitten Angel. I am very sad at Little Binky's passing too.

  3. Such cute kitten pics, adorable. We're crushed about sweet Binky.

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  5. I LOVED those cartoons. And I am just devestated about Binky. I had tears off and on all day/

  6. Nothing can be described in so many superlatives as kittens can be.

  7. Angel was beautiful. I am so sad about sweet Binky. XO

  8. What a gorgeous cat Angel was. She reminds us of our special before Tuxi - Licorice. We had many tears about Binky. She was much loved and the joke with the kitten and the BIG GUY made Mom laugh out loud. It reminded her of Jo Jo and our Dad. Purrs Marv

  9. Kittens!! Love them all!
    That one teeny rescue kitty lulled that big dude to sleep. He was really a softee, LOL!

  10. Oh, my sweet Luna had angora rabbit fur. All the vets and techs commented. She also had pink on her nose and toes. :D We forever miss our furry babies, and I'm so sad about sweet Binky. Thank you for some lighthearted giggles.


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