05 October, 2022

The Faces of Sweet

It's Sweetnesday!

My office is located in Sweetie's Apartment, so she and I are day-long companions.

Except, of course, that she's sleeping most of the time!

I take advantage, and snap photos of her when the sun is bright.
Racing stripes
"I vant to be alone!"
Nose first; must have been a bit chilly.

Although we are 99.9% sure that she is deaf, Sweetie will sing out when I'm on a conference call or when I'm filling the bathtub for a good soak, so I believe it's, "I'm lonely; pay attention to me!"

She also gets huffy when I stay up late while reading a book.

But aww, she's so cute, and as such a grand dame, we give in to her minor eccentricities.


  1. Yup! If there is a cat(cats) in the home it is most likely spoiled. Some cats ,like Sweetie, deserve to be extra spoiled ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Our dear departed Peno got much more vocal as she lost her hearing. Sweetie is a sweetie!

  3. Sweeie is gorgeous! I bet she loves the all day attention.

  4. She's a cute pie and what a great companion she is.

    Have a purrfect day, Sweetie. My best to your mom. ♥

  5. She sure is adorable and most Royal too.

  6. The stripy effect when the bright sun shines on Sweetie is absolutely amazing! Of course she is gorgeous in natural light as well, but it really had me confused for awhile. She must love you lots to call for you like that. Great purrsonality!

  7. It is my contention that there is no such thing as a "spoiled cat"; there are only cats who get more or less than what they deserve. <3

  8. Sweetie does have her personality - to which she's entitled.

  9. I like that your office is in HER apartment, not the other way around. :-)


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