16 October, 2022

Be Humane to Community Cats

Global Cat Day is an international day of action, and a time to dig deep in the fight to end cruelty worldwide. Because though love for cats knows no borders, cruel and harmful acts against them are still far too common.

Alley Cat Allies confronts cruelty to cats everywhere and in any form, whether individual acts of cruelty or deeply-entrenched institutional cruelty by shelters, parks, and local governments. We need compassionate people like you to stand with us and take the fight against cruelty to your communities.

All of us, united, can change the world to save cats’ lives.

Learn more: https://globalcatday.org/

May, 2013

Sweetie WAS feral, or at least eeking out a living on the streets.

We TNR'd her in 2009, and fed, watered, and sheltered her until March, 2020, when we brought her inside.

Sweetie took to indoor living quickly, meaning that she'd been someone's cat once.

Many community cats aren't socialized to humans, but they are just as deserving of our love and care.

Support your local TNR group and attend a class to learn how to care for a feral community.




  1. Every cat deserves a home and to be cared for and loved.

    The Chans

  2. IT is heartbreaking what they go through.

  3. I agree that all cats deserve to be cared for and fed well. It would be good if they had homes, but people, like you, looking after some are making difference in their loves! So happy Sweetie is now indoors :)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. It breaks Mummy's heart that She can't save ALL the kitties She meets.

  5. Appreciate community cats in whatever form their personalities are. Shelter them, bring them inside or merely fix them and feed them.

  6. Thanks for being so kind to Sweetie! She sure has rewarded you!

  7. Thanks for spreading the word about community cats! They deserve to be taken care of.

  8. Sweetie sure is happy and you are happy she's happy, purrfect. We love ferals and will always help them when we can.

  9. I feel so bad for ferals. I wish every cat could have a forever home. I am glad Sweetie discovered that humans are nice. XO

  10. Amen! So many good folks feed but can't afford to fix and don't seek out community organizations.

  11. We welcome any ferals with a place to stay under the house, and some food. We have had a family living under there.. They never trusted humans, especially one with dogs.

  12. Supurr post and absolutely, if mew feed them fix them!

  13. Excellent parting words! My husband and I often want to euthanize animal abusers of any kind. Grrr... I'm so glad for you, Sweetie!


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