03 October, 2022

Sunflower Surprise!

It's PO'Monday, yet my surprise occurred on Saturday.

Cheryl English, business owner, potter, friend, fellow cat lover, and Advanced Master Gardener, stopped by for a quick perusal of The Eastside Cats' gardens and yard, and a yummy meal at a local restaurant.

Before we climbed into the car to find lunch, Cheryl surprised me with a package.

A gift, from my dear dear friend ET, made to honor Celestial Paddy O'Malley.

Note the PO'M's eyes and fur.
Ignore the human who couldn't keep her lips off of the cat.
This lovely sunflower artwork, made in the colors of PO'M!
Eyeglasses are for scale...it's HUGE!
Close up so you can see the colors.
On the back, PO'M's name and a star, to denote that he's in Heaven.

Thank you, ET!

Thank you, Cheryl!

Visit Cheryl's shop at Black Cat Pottery.

The Hubby and I haven't yet found the proper location for this beauty; we may hang it on a pole in the garden, or attach it to the house nearest to where Celestial Paddy O'Malley hung out.

The bestest kind of surprise EVER!
Disclaimer: We were gifted artwork from Black Cat Pottery for our own use and amusement, and mention the artist and website as a courtesy to my readers.  We only post about items that we believe others will enjoy, and for no financial gain for myself.  We have purchased artwork and plants from Cheryl for years, and will continue to do so, because we enjoy her products and receive no financial gain for ourselves.


  1. It was a privilege to participate in this surprise! <3

  2. What a sweet and special gift.

  3. What a lovely gift. It's beautiful.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

  4. That is beautiful. And so thoughtful. XO

  5. Perhaps the sunflower would look good hanging in a north facing window.

    PO'M' looks a lot like my large tabby named Brewsky. Brewsky turned twelve in August, and is growing grayer by the day. He's in good health, but because he is big (not fat, just big), I worry that he won't live as long as would a smaller cat. I'm grieving in advance, the upside being that he loves attention, and I'm giving him a lot of it, as if my wife, Peggy.

  6. This ornament is soooooo beautiful it should be a HAIRloom! So keep in honour of POM and all you came thereafter.

  7. That is so amazing! What a cool memento and keepsake.

  8. WOW, that's a beautiful gift and such a precious tribute to Paddy.

  9. What a beautiful gift in memory of PO’M.

  10. This made my mom happy...just seeing it and knowing the reason.

  11. What a great gift to memorialize POM! I LOVE you sunflower! Purrs Marv

  12. Beautiful! I thought at first it was a brooch, but you're right - it's huge!


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