26 October, 2022

10/26 is National Pumpkin Day

It's also Sweetnesday!

Not hip to pumpkins herself, Queen Sweetie allowed some ridiculousness to happen in her general area.
Sweetie and Pumpkin-costumed Troll
Sweetie sleeps near a pie pumpkin.
Pumpkin with black cat candy basket, and a black cat with a pumpkin one!

 You know what I like about pumpkins?

Roasted pumpkin seeds!!!



  1. Yup! I am noy crazy about pumpkins either.
    Mum likes pumpkin pie and the seeds.
    I'll leave the pumpkins to humans ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. You're a cutie pie. I love pumpkin pie. Cold pumpkin pie with vanilla ice cream.

    Have a purrfect day. Scritches all around and my best to your mom. ♥

  3. So agree about pumpkin seeds, lightly salted!
    And pie with whipped cream ... all the rest of the pumpkin-y-stuff, not so much. Cute cute photos!

  4. Sweetie, that pumpkin troll ROCKS! As does the photo of you and the pumpkin. And we are intrigued by the paumpkin cat painting! THey ALL ROCK for Punkin day! Keep being awesome! Marv

  5. You didn't look too sure about that troll Sweetie, but you are so cute. I like pumpkin seeds too!

  6. I really love being stranded on this blog full of cat love.
    I am also a cat lover. I have many cats at home. some of the cats I got from rescuing them on the streets.

    greetings from Indonesia

  7. I love the art and of course, Sweetie is adorable. XO

  8. Sweetie! You allowed that silly picture?!?

  9. Hmmm, Trolloween now, eh?! LOL!

    We have no decorations for Oct 31 here this year, due to time constraints,and other issues combined with the fact that its the least liked holiday for petcretary..we will more or less ignore it in the decor and picture department!
    Though that last picture of the pumpkin and that cat is giggle worthy!

    Sweetie was a good sport to let Mr Troll invade her space!

    I like pepitas which I think are raw hulled pumpkin seeds? And Ooh, I would love a piece of pumpkin pie! I'll pass on most other so called pumpkin treats...


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