Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Loretta Update

In the Parlor
Loretta continues to live in the safe room that we made out of the parlor.  Since there are two sets of french doors, we taped newspaper to block out the glass panes.  Several times a day, hubby and I go in, to just hang out, play, or give her meals.  I try to feed Chuck and Angel on the other side of one door, so each can associate good things with the other.  We also put her in a carrier and bring her out into the family/dining room, so Angel and Chuck can get a chance to sniff and/or observe.  Loretta gets out to explore too, when we can make sure there is no interaction from Chuck and Angel.

I'll admit, all of this is tiring, and a bit disappointing.  We thought seriously about returning her to the rescue group, and even made an appointment with them to hand her back over.  But after much reflection (and some crying on my part), we decided that we need to see this through.  Many cat-owning folks have questioned me; why not just toss 'em in together...they will find a way to work it out.  Yep, that's true, yet Angel and Chuck were here first, and have had run of the house for over nine years.  In deference to them, I would like to see them more accepting...and not running, hiding, and hissing.  If we give this slow introduction enough time, at some point, the cats will ignore each other, or at least be neutral...instead of aggressive, fearful, nervous, and scared.  Loretta is coming from a difficult situation; away from the only humans she knew, then in veterinary offices, surgery, sickness, then foster home, and finally a cage to get her adopted.  She KNOWS she's in the middle of someone else's territory, which makes her uncertain and a bit aggressive.  Angel and Chuck are shy and insecure with a new-comer.

We want to build up every one's confidence, by giving them good things when they are together, and good things when apart.  Lots of play, lots of love, good food and no concerns about not having enough.  A feeling of abundance.

Loretta is a sweet little joy, who loves a snuggle and walks on my lap when I'm reading a book and not paying attention to her.  She chirps and meows, dances and jumps.  She brings youth, energy, and curiosity to our family group.  What's not to like?

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  1. I'm glad to hear this! A slow, quiet introduction is the way to go. When Russell came to live with us, I was very, very upset, even when he was living out of sight in my mom's bathroom for the first week or so. But just look what happened over time! We became the best of buds.

    Here's to hoping that happens to Loretta, Angel and Chuck!


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