15 December, 2013

Busy Sunday Morning

Loretta has quite the play drive.  Although we put her in the safe room overnight, she's been out all morning, and I've used every wand toy we have to keep her entertained.  Loretta ignores the other cats when she is so engaged, but I can't get anything done if I'm on the wand end of the wand toy!  Angel hisses at Loretta, and they stare at each other if we humans don't distract them.  Chuck, however, gets chased.  Loretta discovered the cat shelves, and had no problem walked up to the ceiling and hanging out up there.  Wherever I go, she follows, except for right now; I can hear hubby talking to her from downstairs.  Oops, no...now she's at my feet again.

We had at least six inches of snow yesterday, and more is falling now.  I am sure the roads will be clear for the Monday commute; oh joy!


  1. I think this may only be a phase--she's probably just excited she has a real home now!

  2. We concur with William--keep her busy (til she pants) and let time do the rest.


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