Sunday, December 1, 2013

Update on Shadow

We have tried dozens of names, but she just did not respond.  She's never responded to Shadow either!  So, late last week, the name Loretta popped into hubby's head, and I tried it out.  She came running to me!  Wow, I was so excited that I shed a tear.  Since then, I've been using Loretta as her name.  She is still in the safe room, since all of the cats seem uneasy still.  We play with her in there, I've taken naps in her safe room, and she watches out the windows at the world.  We feed one meal a day on either side of the door; all three cats appear to be nervous about that.  We'll keep doing it, until they all ignore each other.   A general lack of enthusiasm is exactly where we would like the cats to have (not have?), so we can add Loretta to the family group.  I believe her small size may be a sticky point, since Angel is over eleven pounds, and Chuck is probably four pounds more.  Loretta is only four pounds, even with the couple of ounces she's gained in two weeks.  Her belly is beginning to fur, as are the two shaved areas on her front legs, but it will no doubt take months for a uniform length.  In the meantime, she's adorably vocal, and she's beginning to relax into the rhythms of the household.  Now, if only I could relax my concerns about a successful (and fight-free) integration!  Yikes...what a Nervous Nelly I am!


  1. I think 'Loretta' popped into your hubby's head because that is her true and secret name! She looks like quite the cutie. Want to trade her for Caroline?

  2. I love that you call your new friend Russell. That's made us smile. :-)


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