Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gentle Sammy

Tonight, I traveled out back to give the outside cats an extra pour of kibble, for it had rained and sleeted, and no doubt the cats stayed hidden most of the day.  Patty O'Malley and Sammy came out of their houses right away; Mama Mia was fashionably late but still managed to snag a good snack.

Funny thing was that Sammy did not eat a single kibble.  He simply walked to me and let me pet him for a really long time.  I stroked his head, his chest, his ruff, back, sides, and legs.  He simply purred and stood there.  After a few minutes, I could feel my world of worries and timetables and responsibilities smooth away, and there was only Sammy and me.  We kept at it, until finally Patty had had enough of me ignoring him, and with head bunts and finally smacking his tail against my face, the spell between Sammy and I broke.  The feeling of peace lasted awhile longer, as I listened to Mia crunch her kibble.

Gentle Sammy gave me a lovely gift tonight!


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