Sunday, December 22, 2013


Angel at rest

Chuck relaxing
I cannot tell you how emotional this past week has been.  Doubt, anger, sadness, self-recrimination, relief, worry are only the tip of the feelings iceberg that I have experienced.  Angel and Chuck appear to be fine, however Angel seems to get very anxious when she's upstairs near my computer table.  And no cat has entered the parlor, which was the safe room.  We just placed a brand-new litter box in there, so we hope we'll see some 'action' in that direction soon.  I find myself mulling it all over at odd times of the day, and the desire to visit Shadow/Loretta at the PetSmart draws me, but I know better to torture myself that way.  I pray a new family falls in love with her, as she so deserves, and she will have a home to enjoy.

In the meantime, we've had very wet weather in Michigan, and the outside cats barely received two meals yesterday as the rain prevented us from hanging out together.  They stayed in their shelters until I showed up with food, then they dashed back inside...well, except for Patty who will rub against me irregardless of weather.  I have a small hand towel reserved for them only, and I tried to dry each cat off while they ate.  Mia won't allow the towel treatment, but Patty and Sammy purr and eat as I rub them down.  They really teach me how to overcome adversity, especially when you don't classify it as adversity.  They are just living.  No worries about the job, the holidays, the gas bill or an absent friend.  How lucky I am to have them in my life!


  1. Please don't be hard on yourself. You've done so much for so many cats!

  2. We second William...sometimes things just do not work out and remember, it's the kitties' emotions that count when bringing a new one into the gang.

    1. Katnip, you'd know about kitties' emotions, with thirteen! Thanks for the kind thoughts.


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