19 December, 2013

She's Gone

Immediately after my last post, we had a major altercation between Chucky and Loretta.  With profound sadness, I called the rescue group and they quickly agreed to find her a new home.  I arrived at the pet store with her bed and toys, and Loretta/Shadow was placed in the store adoption area behind Plexiglas.  I whispered my good-byes and my apologies, and cried tears of heartbreak.  Perhaps a period of socializing and play therapy would have worked, but I feel that I was fighting against the odds.  We all are pretty upset, although Angel and Chuck have rebounded and are no longer tentative and scared; they walk around with tails up now.  Hubby cleaned out the safe room.  The rescue group thanked me (!) for trying hard, and each one was understanding and sympathetic, which made me feel more like a heel.  They promised to let me know when she finds her true forever home, and I'll be happy for the lucky family who will enjoy her floofy tail and playful personality.  Loretta sank her claws deep into my heart; I continue to be rather emotional about it, which is why it's taken me awhile to post the news.  

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Ivan from WMD said...

Aw, we're so sorry things didn't work out after all, even when we all wanted it. :-( I bet she'll find a forever home in no time, even while she still lives in your heart.