Monday, February 17, 2014

Barney and Missy



I have a co-worker who's mother is a sucker for stray cats.  She takes them in, gets them to her veterinarian, and tries to find good homes for them.  When her daughter, 'J', who lived nearby opened her door one day, a black cat came walking in as if it owned the place.  Nicknamed Saber (see that one snaggley toof?), the cat made itself a member of J's household.  Saber often sat by the window, or out on the deck, and J noticed another cat around, but this one was very light tan.  The new cat was skittish, so J put out food when she could.  Then circumstances changed, and J had to move, and she already has multiple dogs and cats.  So J took Saber to Mom, and politely told the tan cat to follow, as they lived very close to Mom's house.  Tan cat listened, followed, and voila!  Saber and tan cat were given a home in the barn, with heated beds, water and food.  

Mom found that both cats were very affectionate to her, and to each other.  In fact, the two cats seemed bonded.  Mom also discovered that Saber was a spayed female, not a male at all.  So Saber became Missy, and tan cat was named for their new domicile, Barney.  Barney was an intact male.  

Months went by, and the thought of the two cats living in the barn bothered the whole family, but J was busy getting settled into her new digs, and Mom was busy assisting.  The cats were fine, but everyone knew they were indoor cats, who somehow had been left outside to fend for themselves.  Did they get turned out together, or just met up and formed a partnership? one knows.  

Last week, Mom found a lovely woman who was over the moon to have the two cats.  She emails Mom often to say how delighted she is to have the pair.  I don't know if Barney was neutered during his barn time; hopefully he was, or will soon be.  Another successful rescue story, and this one was for a pair.  Hurray for Mom!  Hurray for Missy and Barney, who found their way right to the people who could help them.


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