Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shut Up Norman Goes Home

My friend J who works with the cat rescue group Lincoln Cat Care in England told me the following story via email:

Everyone seems to have fallen in love with "Shut Up Norman" (he was under the News category I think). His foster mum says he never stops shouting about one thing or another and he drives her mad! 

Norman is now writing his own blog on the Cat Care Facebook page :). In other words foster mum G is as batty as the rest of us when it comes to moggies. I bet people will be fighting over him when he's ready for homing.

Shut Up Norman has found his home! His carer put a video up on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/lincolncatcarecharity to show people how he constantly squawks and yells (so earning his name), and someone recognised him. Apparently he'd been missing for quite some time and his owners didn't think they'd ever see him again; but when a friend told them that a cat looking (and sounding) remarkably like theirs had appeared on the Cat Care site they decided they just had to go and see, just in case. And there he was - Norman was their cat Ronnie!  I gather it was quite an emotional reunion on both sides. Now Ronnie/Norman is safe home again with his family and they are over the moon at having him back.

Hurray for Ronnie!  J and the volunteers at Lincoln Cat Care raised £53,000 (over $88,000!) last year to support helping out cats in their area.  Hurray for the cats they have helped!  Keep up the good work!


  1. Oh, what a wonderful story with a happy ending! If he were still looking for a home, I might have flown him here--he sounds like the perfect companion to Screamoline!

  2. Wow, wonderful story, great happy ending!!


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