Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Child-Happy Cat!

Lucky Rusty!


I had the sincere pleasure of watching a cat choose his human family today.  While visiting with the founders of Paws for the Cause Rescue this Sunday afternoon at a big box pet store in Chesterfield, Michigan, a family stopped by and said they had an appointment to visit the cats up for adoption.  A mom, dad and young boy were then introduced to the above cats in the enclosure, and the boy was just beside himself with the joy of being able to play with cats.  A funny thing happened; Rusty, who is quiet and laid-back, immediately took to this boy, and wouldn't let him go!  The boy handled the cats a bit roughly, but not harmfully, and his parents and the rescue people were there.  But Rusty jumped in that boy's arms (he put his front paws on the boy's shoulders) and no one could deny that a connection was made.  The rescue founder left the enclosure with tears in her eyes; even she was amazed by the way Rusty the cat had made his choice, and she's witnessed hundreds if not thousands of adoptions.  I saw such a look of happiness on that boy's face, and his parents seemed even a bit bewildered by how strongly they all felt connected to this one kitty.  They get to pick the cat up tomorrow, after a final health sign off by the veterinarian, and oh!  how I wish I could be there to watch.  I would probably cry, and I will always remember the excitement and joy that shone on the child's face.  Rusty was found on a cold day not long ago, so near death that everyone thought they had arrived too late.  And yet, the cat lifted his head, and clung to his rescuers.  Now he's going to a furrever home with a family who will love and care for him, ensuring he'll never be alone again.  And I got to watch it happen!

P.S. Bella and Jack are still available; Bella is a diva who may like to remain an only cat, while Jack is full of energy and loves other kitties, but no dogs please!


  1. ::wiping tears::

    I bet those two souls are so happy to reunite! As you can tell, I believe in Karma...


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