Sunday, February 9, 2014

Warm Hands

Angel sitting on newspaper

Chuck on the shelf
Chuck started this habit, and now Angel has joined in.  Whenever the hubby is finished washing dishes...or even if he's only halfway through...the cats start meowing for him to bring his warm, moist hands over to where they are, for a petting session!  It's hilarious to watch; they jump up into their favorite box on the table, then meow loud enough for hubby to hear over the running water.  No need for dry hands; they just WANT THEM NOW!  I notice this cat-and-hands dance more over the weekend, because I'm sitting right there at the table while it happens!  Hubby is extremely good-natured about it...only good things come from cats calling for you, right?


  1. I think Angel and Chuck are simply showing us humans that THEY are in charge around here!

  2. I think I should try that! It would cut down on the need to wash myself!


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